Is this Tournament Currently Happening?


This is the traditional style league that veterans at P.U.C.L. will be familiar with. Every Summer P.U.C.L. will host a League in which you will battle gym leaders in order to win 8 badges. These 8 badges will allow you to enter a tournament at the end of the league and the winner will win a varying prize.

The only requirement to sign up for this tournament is that you must have a P.U.C.L. account to be able to receive badges. Other than that no other requirements must be met.

The annual Summer League will Start at the end of May and Badge collection will end at the beginning of August. The League Tournament will then start immediately.

2017 Rules:

The 2017 Summer League begins on May 29th, 2017  and badge collection ends August 4thst, 2017. The League Tournament Begins on August 7th, 2017. 

The rules of the gyms are to be decided by the gym leader and will be posted below when the gym leaders have been decided.

You must earn  8 badges to compete in the Summer League tournament.
Gym leaders are to follow their designated typing, but their teams consist of the following:

  1. 3 pokemon of their designated type
  2. 2 pokemon that know a move of their designated type
  3. 1 pokemon that can be anything they want

This prevents people from  bringing in one type of pokemon to sweep gym leaders. If you lose to a gym leader you can rechallenge them at their discretion. Gym leaders will also give you help if you need to learn certain skills in pokemon to advance farther in the league.

Gym leaders can compete for badges, but will not be able to compete in the Summer League Tournament.

To challenge gym leaders you must meet them in the P.U.C.L. discord or set up an alternate location.

 The winner of the Summer League Tournament will get a prize, which will be announced at a later date.