Salutations good PUCLonians! I have beaten the sickness and back with some more research on Mega Evolution based on the anime. For the past few weeks we have been looking at Alain and Mairin’s journey to find all the mega evolutions and the mega stones. We know there is a reaction between the Pokemon’s Mega Stone and the Key Stone, but there is another part of the equations: the bond between Pokemon and Trainer. To study this bond, we are going to look at a previous episode of the XY series, XY33: The Bonds of Mega Evolution.


As a quick recap, Ash and the gang has decided to journey with Shalour City gym leader Korrina as she and her Lucario learn to master the art of Mega Evolution. They found a Lucarionite in a cave, but they have been running into a lot of trouble controlling the transformation. After mega evolving, Lucario loses control of its aura and its sense of self, savagely attacking anything and everything in its way to end up exhausted and out of energy.


It becomes clear to Korrina’s grandfather, Gurkinn, that Korrina and Lucario are still lacking in the bond department. Lucario at times makes decisions on its own while battling instead of waiting for Korrina’s command and Korrina just lets Lucario do whatever it wants to do. They need to work on their friendship and bond a bit more before they can truly control and utilize the power of Mega Lucario. Gurkinn sends his granddaughter to a Mega Evolution specialist who lives at the bottom of Pumice Mountain, Mabel.


When they arrive to Mabel’s home, they are greeted by Mabel and her Mawile, who has a Mega Stone attached to its head. She has been expecting them. Mabel then challenges Korrina and Lucario to a battle to see what they are made of.


Lucario mega evolves into Mega Lucario while Mabel uses her own Key stone in her staff to help Mawile transform into Mega Mawile. Mega Lucario listens to Korrina’s call for a Power Up Punch, but after missing the target, it takes matters into its own hands and uses Bone Rush without the command. It cannot control the power of its Aura, especially by not listening to Korrina, and begins to lose control again. Scary…

XY33-21 XY33-22

It rages towards Mawile with a crazed Power Up Punch, but Mabel and Mawile know how to handle themselves. With a powerful Fairy Wind, Mega Lucario is blown away and reverts back to its original form, beaten and exhausted.


After the battle Mabel brings the gang to a room of flowers where she ask Korrina and Lucario to work together to create their own flower arrangements. Korrina insists on their time being better spent on training. Mabel claims that there is no need to be hasty and ask the others if they would also like to make arrangements. The only condition is that they need to make the arrangements together with their Pokemon.


Everybody gets to work – Ash with Pikachu, Serena with Fennekin, Bonnie with Dedenne, and Clemont with Chespin. They all add their own spins to their flowers, making them big and tall, putting a variety of flowers together, even Clemont takes out his own invention, The Flower Arranger I. Real original there Clemont…

XY33-17 XY33-19

At the end of the day Mabel looks at everybody’s arrangements and explains how the arrangements are reflections of their own personalities. She is able to tell that Ash’s and Pikachu’s hearts have become one. She looks at Korrina’s and Lucario’s and notices that they have made two arrangements in one. Both of the arrangements are similar to each other, but there is something a little off…


So Mabel thanks them all for their beautiful arrangements and lets them know that they will also be making arrangements tomorrow. No training for you Korrina and Lucario.


The next day, everybody leaves the house to go pick their own flowers for their arrangements. Before Korrina leaves, Mabel asks Korrina to take the time to look at how beautiful the mountains are with Lucario. If they do, something wonderful just might happen.


As Korrina and Lucario look at the several mountain ranges, they are still unsure at what Mabel really meant by something special.


Back at the house, Mabel lets them know she is excited to see their arrangements tomorrow as well. What?! What about training? What about battling and all that jazz? But Mabel wants to see what kind of arranagements Korrina and Lucario can make once their hearts become one.


They continues for days, looking at mountains and arranging flowers, but Mabel always seems a little unimpressed by their flowers.


After a few more attempts, Korrina and Lucario pass by a bush of pretty flowers on a cliff side. They both try to climb the wall, but to no avail. Korrina notices that there are some parts of the mountain that are weaker than the rest and offers to direct Lucario on where to go. With Korrina’s direction, Lucario is able to scale up the cliffside and retrieve the flowers! They bring them back to the house and create a beautiful arrangement. I wonder what Mabel thinks…

XY33-13 XY33-12

Korrina and the group still don’t understand why they have to make flower arrangements everyday. Korrina begins to feel discouraged that they will never be able to control Lucario’s Aura and Mega Evolve properly. Mabel senses Korrina’s discouragement so she assures her that they will both be able to control Lucario’s aura very soon. She explains that they even though they are looking at the same thing together, start perceiving it differently. They may be looking at the same moon, but they are viewing it differently. One heart, but two view points. They need to bring them together before they can master Mega Evolution.

XY33-10 XY33-09

Of course, no episode is complete without some sort of appearance by Team Rocket. They break into the house and steal Pikachu and Mawile. With Lucario the only one who can really put up a fight, Lucario and Korrina are determined to set Pikachu and Mawile free.

XY33-08 XY33-07

Korrina uses her Key Stone to help Lucario transform into Mega Lucario and face off against Pumpkaboo and Inkay. Two against one is hardly fair if you ask me, but since when has Team Rocket ever really been fair?


Mega Lucario begins to lose control of its aura again, but Mabel has faith in Korrina. Korrina stands in front of her Pokemon as it attacks her with a Bite attack. One heart, two viewpoints. She reminds of all the good times they have had together and how much closer they have become since the beginning. Mega Lucario is finally able to hear Korrina’s voice and they are ready to kick from Team Rocket booty.


Mega Lucario allows Korrina to take the lead in directing it in battle. They are finally able to view the same thing with their one heart. Lucario dodges the dual Psybeam and Shadow Ball and sets Pikachu and Mawile free. And trust me when I say Mabel is not happy with Team Rocket. Mawile mega evolves into Mega Mawile and unleashes a Fairy Wind against our favourite villains.


To add icing to the Mega Evolution cake, Mega Lucario learns a new move and begins to charge up its aura for a powerful Aura Sphere attack – a personal favourite of mine. And with that, Team Rocket is blasting off again.


Finally their hearts were one and they are able to control Lucario’s aura.


And that my fellow PUCLonians is the other half of Mega Evolution – the bond. Having the stones just aren’t enough. You have to be able to bring your two viewpoints together to nurture your one heart. Very deep… As Mabel said, Ash and Pikachu have already mastered that aspect, but Pikachu doesn’t have a Mega Evolution… Too bad really… Well my Starmie friends, what did you guys think of our bonding episode?


Major points: Excellent explanation of the bond between Pokemon and Trainer, Mega Mawile, Mabel (for being an awsome old lady with an awesome Mega Evolution), Heart warming development for Korrina, great character development on a gym leader (something we don’t get much of, unless they become a travel companion).


Missteps: Why were Ash and friends even there? They seeed very unnecessary to the episode… also if only Mabel made more comments on the flower arrangements – just curious on what she has to say about Clemont and Chespin, Serena and Fennekin, and Bonnie and Dedenne, and what she thought of each of Korrina and Lucario’s arrangements…



8/10! Great episode with an in-depth exploration of the relationship between Pokemon and Trainer and the importance of it. There was some things that were a little lacking but still very satisfying. I wish a similar mechanic to this was used in the video games, like you have to reach a certain level of happiness before your Pokemon can Mega Evolve – I actually thought that was one of the conditions. I think it would make training your Pokemon more fun and give Pokemon Amie another purpose than just higher critical hits and more EXP.


This concludes our series looking at Mega Evolution in the anime… For now 🙂 Do you think Ash will ever gain the power of Mega Evolution? I’m secretly hoping he brings back his Sceptile and finds a Sceptilite… What Mega Evolution do you hope Ash to eventually master?


Thank you again for joining me for The Underground Star Scoop: Mega Evolution edition! Let me know if you guys liked this kind of coverage! Would you be interested in me going some character studies or anything similar to my Mega Evolution research?


I’ll be seeing you all next week when we return to our regularly scheduled anime episodes, taking it up from where we off on our way to Courmarine City!