This Week in Pokemon History (April 2014 to 2016)

Welcome to “This Week in Pokemon History”. Since the news is high and dry once more, its time to remember back to a time when there was stuff to talk about. Those were simpler times. For this we’ll finish up April and prep ourselves for what May has in store. So let’s get right into it.




April 8 – During a very informative Nintendo Direct for the upcoming Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS, many characters and items were shown off, including the new Master Ball, which guaranteed the use of a legendary Pokemon on the battlefield. But the biggest news came from a trailer at the end of the Direct. The trailer showed off many Pokemon that would be used for both the Pokeball and Master Ball items, but confirmed that not only would Lucario return, but that Charizard would be a solo fighter, with both Pokemon using their new Mega Evolutions as their Final Smashes. What came as a total shock however was the big reveal that Greninja was a new fighter to the Smash Bros roster, blindsiding nearly everyone. Looking back now, it was a great idea to include Greninja, as he is a really fun fighter to play as.

April 30 – Before the month ended, a new Pokemon spin-off game was revealed. This new game, known as “Pokemon Art Academy” had players making art pieces using the 3DS touch screen and stylus themed around different Pokemon  from Generations 1 to 6. A fun game, it was a nice change of pace from most Pokemon games, and no other game had deviated from the main series since Pokemon Snap. If you were artistic and loved Pokemon, chances are you got this game as soon as it came out.




April 1 – Nothing reported this day was a joke. During a Nintendo Direct, the free to download title “Pokemon Rumble World” was first revealed and slated to come out on the 8th. Following the Rumble games that came before it, players have the opportunity to battle and collect various polygon figures of Pokemon, powering up these figures to complete more levels. Along with this reveal, more information about the upcoming Mewtwo DLC for Super Smash Bros, confirming both the price for the fighter and that Mewtwo’s Final Smash was Mega Mewtwo Y. And as we know now, Mewtwo was just the start.

April 14 – Following a leak from CoroCoro, Hoopa Unbound was officially revealed for Pokemon X and Y as well as ORAS. The new Mythical forme was confirmed a Psychic/Dark type, and the specs for his battle stats were finally revealed. One of the most powerful Mythical Pokemon, I remember when this forme was first revealed and Fluffiest expressed how she was absolutely terrified of it. Ah memories….

April 28 – After its first reveal on a special NicoNico, Gengar was confirmed to be a new fighter for Pokken Tournament. The first and only Ghost Type in the game, Gengar really felt like an actual shadow in the arena. Still, nothing compared to Gardevoir and the later revealed Darkrai, but that’s just my opinion.




Huh……This whole month was a wash in 2016. This is awkward…..


Anyway, that’s it for this slightly late issue of “This Week in Pokemon History”. Hopefully, more news will come out this week. The next issue of “This Week in Pokemon History” will be out in May, and I hope to have a new “Du-rant” at some point in the near future. And with that, I’ll see you guys in the next issue!

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