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Thorn/Rose 4th installment late, but here is something!!

Thorn/Rose 4th installment late, but here is something!!

I’ve had issues with this one compounded by family matters. But since I have some free time at work I figured I could show you the basic parts of my comic process! As well as give you a sneak preview ;D

So, after writing the first thing to start with is the “Thumbnails”. A thumbnail is a small plan for your each page so you can see the size and placement of each panel before you actually get started. The reason these are so small is so you don’t get caught up in the details. you only want stick-figure-esque drawings at this point (for character placement), speech bubbles (it’s very important to know how much space you have before you figure out your character’s pose), and sometimes notes. Here is and example:


See? It looks like a 3 year old’s scribbles, and that’s totally okay. Sometimes it takes a little bit of thought as far as placement, but that should be the ONLY thing you spend time on during the thumbnail sketches. I put the basic face lines (looks like +) over the faces so I can tell them apart from speech bubbles because sometimes I confuse myself if i haven’t looked at the thumbnail in a while.

Next you make the “roughs” (as in rough drafts). I do this on standard notebook paper. It’s extremely helpful when creating the panels (as the lateral lines are already there) and it’s dirt cheap!!! This is also know as the “pencils”. This is because, well, you use a pencil. Here the overall position and placement are key. Notice there are a billion times I messed up and hard, scratchy lines. Also lots of notes for when I move to the final draft before editing:


Here is where the details and clean lines are made. This is to give you the impression I have the magical power to get it right the first time (Which is a dirty, dirty lie). If you look you can still see mistakes, these will be fixed once the final draft is scanned and then edited in “Krita” (Krita is a free photoshop-like program that I use, pretty much because it’s free and it manages to get the job done).


Hopefully you enjoyed this and I will have Thorn/Rose Volume 4 ready for you on Friday before noon. Thanks for your support with the comic and I hope you enjoy the next installment!!!

Oooo, and just for fun, can you tell which thumbnail drawing was the one I used for the preview page? ;D