Hello, my dear PUCLonians! The sun is shining over Nuvema Town, which makes for a pleasant change from all the cold I endured last week. Of course, meeting a Legendary Pokémon was quite worth it… and we will probably not be stepping down too much from there, since this time we are exploring a realm dominated by what are often called Pseudo-Legendaries. That’s right: this week’s Topical Type is Dragon!


Section 1: Introduction

Dragon-type Pokémon are often very powerful, and are considered very cool; they are usually also quite hard to find, and thus tend to be among the Pokémon most highly sought after by Trainers. Their statistical data rather justifies the hype, I must say: on average, their Base Stats are higher than any other type’s, and while there are few Dragon-type moves, they tend to be quite powerful, and Dragon types can also usually learn moves of many other types. As for the coolness… well, I find myself agreeing on that front, as well: these guys tend to look awesome and ready to kick anyone’s rear. Unless, of course, that happens to be a Fairy-type rear: the most recently discovered type is the bane of any Dragon Pokémon’s existence. I mean, look at me: would you ever guess that I could beat a big, scary Haxorus? Well, I can! (To be honest, I, specifically, could do that even before I woke up on the Fairy side of the bed, but that’s a long story… let’s just say, if a Pokémon has priority Cotton Guard, insisting on using only Physical moves will not get you very far at all.)

Section 2 – Battling Behavior

As I said, Dragon Pokémon are very powerful… and on top of that, some can even Mega Evolve! Let’s take a look at some of their tactics.

We’re starting things off with a great classic: Dragonite. Like many Dragons, Dragonite, being also a Flying type, has a very real weakness: Ice. And yet you could trust your Dragonite to take an Ice Beam to the face and live to obliterate the opposition. Why’s that? Multiscale, that’s why. Dragonite’s Hidden Ability ensures that very few things can bring down a Dragonite when he’s at full health, so keep those pesky Stealth Rocks off the field, maybe teach your Dragonite Roost, for good measure, and then he’ll be ready to Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch or Superpower anything in front of him, finishing them off with an Extreme Speed (there’s only one line of Dratini who know this move, but they seem to have spawned relatives everywhere). Outrage used to be a good move for Dragonite, but now that a stray Flabébé crossing the move’s path can spell doom for Dragonite, it’s best to think very hard before letting him learn it.

A Dragon-type Pokémon who takes a peculiar approach to dealing with Fairies is Altaria. Evidently a fan of the “if you can’t beat them, join them” school of thought, Altaria Mega Evolves into a Dragon/Fairy type, acquiring maximum fluff in the process (much to my envy). In the process, she gets good, balanced stats, and the Pixilate Ability, which essentially allows her to play things any which way she wishes (except for literally Wishing, of course, she doesn’t get that move). Going Physical? Dragon Dance until the ground shakes into a nice Earthquake, and then let Altaria show you how much she loves you with a Fairy-type Return. Prefer feeling Special? You can Draco Meteor, Flamethrower (preferably not in that order), or get into a singing match which Altaria will win with Pixilate Hyper Voice. In any case, if the going gets slightly rough, Roost it up. All in all, Mega Altaria is a well-rounded ball of fluff.

Last, the one Dragon type which still scares me: Salamence. An already strong Pokémon, Salamence Mega Evolves into a giant starship with the awful, horrible (to me) Aerilate Ability. Return doesn’t feel so lovely when it’s a Flying-type move knocking me out! Mega Salamence is actually a bit like Mega Altaria; he can also go Special with Hyper voice and Fire Blast (as if Flying-type Hyper Voice wasn’t bad enough), or use Dragon Dance and Earthquake if he’s Physical. Roost is also a thing for him. All in all, his movesets don’t look too different from Mega Altaria… but there’s no doubt which one I’d rather meet, if given any choice!

Let’s talk about Dragon-type moves: there are very few of them, but I do have a favorite: Dragon Pulse looks so cool! Dragon Tail is interesting because it forces your opponent to switch after being hit, and Dragon Claw is reliable and powerful. Dragon Dance is extremely useful, boosting both Attack and Speed… you may not think Dragonite has very graceful dance moves, but you won’t be sorry if you let him learn this.


Section 3 – Classification

We have quite clearly established that Dragon types are cool… but that doesn’t mean they can’t be cute, as well! In fact, even if most of these Pokémon have been featured in this section before, I couldn’t quite whittle my selection down to the usual number, but, as usual, let’s pretend I did and say I’m about to give you The Fluffiest Whimsicott’s Top 5 Dragon-type Pokémon!

Number 5 – Goomy


I just… I mean, look at him! Have you ever seen something that made you want to smile more than Goomy does? He’s the weakest Dragon-type Pokémon; and he does not care. He’s happy! He just hangs around in his puddles, keeping nice and damp, and chills out with a squiggly smile on his face. Now, he may be the least huggable of all of these Pokémon, due to his sliminess, but he’s still awfully cute.

Number 4 – Altaria


You already know how much I enjoy Altaria’s puffy white wings and bright blue body; I should add that I love her little white beak and the way her blue head plumes wave in the wind. I also love the fact that she’s known to hug people, enveloping them in a cloud of soft affection. So sweet.

Number 3 – Flygon


What do I like about Flygon that I have not mentioned before? Let’s see, the fact that he is green, of course; the shape of his tail; the fact that he kind of looks like he’s wearing pajama pants and slippers; his generally streamlined appearance; the way I imagine him stopping the mystical sound of his wings flapping, and just listening to the desert wind for a moment. Yes. Flygon is awesome.

Number 2 – Dragonite


You may have notice that since the last time Altaria and Dragonite were here, Dragonite has surpassed his fellow Dragon/Flying type. Well, you know, the last time Altaria had I-like-to-be-a-hat-on-people’s-heads Swablu along, to help her win points, so… Anyway, Dragonite is so nice and friendly, and manages to be so cool despite his slightly goofy looks… what’s not to love?

Number 1 – Dragonair and Reshiram

120px-148Dragonair 120px-643Reshiram

Yes: a tie for the first spot. You already know of my love for Reshiram; for his powerful elegance, for his history, for what he represents; but I found I could not choose between him and Dragonair. I usually group evolutionary relatives together, but look at Dragonite, and then back here at Dragonair: it’s like they’re totally different Pokémon! Dragonair’s elegance is simpler than Reshiram’s, but still perfect; those blue orbs shining on his neck and tail are just classy, while the little wings on his head give him a certain playful grace that is just right for him. And that mystical aura that surrounds him… well, I can’t really describe it in words: I suggest you try and meet a Dragonair yourselves, it is a fascinating experience.

Section 4 – Interview

Pretty much no Dragon type is particularly easy to find, and all of them are very interesting, so I decided to indulge myself and go looking for one of my favorites. I also decided to indulge myself even further, and stand by my decision to never, ever set foot in the Kanto Safari Zone again (if you have read my report on Normal types, you know very well why). Luckily, the Pokémon species I chose as this week’s subject also resides in a very fascinating (not to mention perfectly on-topic) location here in Unova: the area around Dragonspiral Tower. Below, as always, is the transcript of our interview.

The Fluffiest Whimsicott: Is that a little wave? Or… no, the water is definitely rippling! Let’s see what surfaces…

Dragonair: Oh! I thought I saw a shadow passing over the water. Hello, there.

TFW: Hello indeed! You are just the Pokémon I was looking for. I am The Fluffiest Whimsicott, and I work with Professor Juniper. May I ask you a few questions for my research on Dragon types, please?

D: I don’t see why not, since you asked so politely.

TFW: Thank you. My first question is: given that evolving into Dragonite brings about a very radical change, more so than it is usual for evolution, do all Dragonair wish to reach that stage, or are there any who prefer staying as they are indefinitely?

D: That is a fairly interesting question. Most Dratini and Dragonair I know are quite eager to attain their full potential, as most Pokémon are. But I, specifically, do rather enjoy my current form, and if given a choice I would not evolve; and I know I am not the only Dragonair who feels this way.

TFW: I see. Now, if this is too personal, feel free not to answer, but what is it that you like about being a Dragonair?

D: I love gliding smoothly through the water, and living in this lake. I also enjoy knowing that I can change the weather, if I ever wish to do so.

TFW: That makes for a great segue into my next question: how exactly does that work, and do you do it often?

D: I assume you can feel the aura I am emitting?

TFW: Uhm… yes, although it is a bit faint. It’s a rather charming feeling, if I may say so.

D: Thank you. It is faint, right now, because I am at rest. In order to change the weather, I would have to emit it with my whole body, and then discharge it through my orbs. And we do not do that very often at all: there is rarely only one Dragonair living in any given place. Can you imagine what might happen to the natural harmony of a location if all the Dragonair living there just changed the weather on their every whim?

TFW: You’re right, that would be… bad.

D: Indeed. So we restrain from doing itso without a good reason. Although…

TFW: Yes?

D: Our aura may build in the heat of battle, or due to very strong emotions. So on a few rare occasions a Dragonair may change the weather without meaning to do so.

TFW: That is quite understandable. My research tells me that the amount of energy you contain within yourselves is very impressive.

D: I suppose that could be said, yes.

TFW: Very well. I think- wait, do you feel this vibration?

D: I believe I don’t.

TFW: Yes, the ground is definitely shaking. Climb up here on the bridge, you’ll feel it.

D: Let me get up there. Mh. You are right, this structure is vibrating.

TFW: … whoa.

D: What?

TFW: You are very, very, very… long.

D: Do you think so? I am actually not among the largest Dragonair in this lake.

TFW: Wow. Hey, the shaking is getting more intense!

D: I believe it is originating from the Tower.

TFW: Yes! Look! At the top, there is something… white… OH MY ARCEUS. That’s Reshiram! I can’t believe it! Look at him! Taking off into the sky! So amazing! Eeeeeee!

D: So cool! So majestic! So beautiful! Oh, what a glorious sight! I’ve never been more excited in my life!

TFW: Yeah! This is the best day ever! But wait, why are you glow-

[The roar of a sudden downpour fills the recording at this point.]

D: … ooops.

TFW: Oh, Swift. Now I’ll have to walk home, I’m too soaked to fly.

D: I deeply apologize.

TFW: No, no, don’t, if there was ever a good reason to get so hyped that you make it rain, that was definitely it. It’s just… I’m exactly on the other side of Unova. It’s going to take me a while.

D: Well, since I’ve already made a bit of a blunder, today, I might as well make it two. Here you go.

[The sound of the rain is suddenly replaced by the whistle of a strong wind.]

TFW: Oooh, the sun is so warm! And with this wind… I’ll be dry in no time. Thank you so much!

D: You are quite welcome. And believe me, that is not true of many Fairy types, here.

TFW: Awww.


Section 5 – Facts and conclusions

Well, my luck just keeps getting better and better! I was able to see both of my favorite Dragon types today… even if I only caught a glimpse of Reshiram, I was so happy! If this keeps up, next week I might… oh, never mind. I just remembered what the next assignment is. Moving on! Here are five interesting facts about Dragon-type Pokémon!

  1. The region with the most native Dragon types is Unova. As I believe we have amply demonstrated today.
  2. The Dragon type has the fewest moves belonging to it, only thirteen. Of these, only one, Dragon Dance, does no direct damage (but you can bet if a Pokémon uses that, the damage is coming very soon).
  3. Over one fourth of Dragon-type Pokémon have a double weakness to Ice-type moves.
  4. The smallest and lightest Dragon Pokémon is Goomy, who’s 30 cm tall and weighs 2.8 kg. The largest is Rayquaza, who’s seven meters long, and grows to 10.8 m when he Mega Evolves, just for good measure. The heaviest is Giratina in her Altered Forme, at a whopping 750 kg, although it must be said that her Origin Forme, at 650 kg, is lighter than Dialga, who weighs 683 kg.
  5. Dragon types just might be cooler than even Grass types. But don’t go telling people I said so.

And with this, we have covered all of the classic Pokémon types; over the next three weeks, we’ll head into the world of more recent discoveries. As usual, I hope you found this interesting and enjoyable enough that you’ll choose to join me on the last steps of our journey.

Until next type,

The Fluffiest Whimsicott


This article was lovingly translated from Pokémon speech by Mr. Natural Harmonia Gropius. If you wish to enlist his services as a Pokémon-Human translator, you may contact him at ghetsis.sucks@gmail.com. All income will go towards feeding and sheltering abandoned Pokémon and covering the cost of Mr. N’s therapy sessions.