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Today’s Topical Type is: Legendaries!

Today’s Topical Type is: Legendaries!

Hello, dear PUCLonians, and welcome to our second special report. This one might be the most special of them all, straying a little further from the norm, delving into the elusive and the mysterious… that’s right: this week’s Topical Type is Legendaries!


Section 1 – Introduction

As you know, I’ve previously tried to keep Legendary Pokémon out of my main research, as their exceptional status might have led my results in directions that don’t really reflect what’s the norm among Pokémon. But taken as their own category, they are more than worth looking into.

Legendary Pokémon are exceedingly rare and hard to meet; some of them are thought by some to be mere unsubstantiated rumors. (Anyone with a National Pokédex knows better… those numbers don’t just randomly skip ahead, you know?) Some call these Mythical Pokémon, but for the purpose of this report, I’ll group them all under the Legendary name.

Legendary Pokémon may incarnate a concept, or be associated with one particular event or location… or they may even be the creator of the entire world as we know it. (Opinions differ both among people and Pokémon, as meeting Arceus to get direct confirmation is not exactly what you’d call easy.) In any case, their powers and history are endlessly fascinating, and it’s not just their strength in battle that prompts many Trainers to go on long quests to meet and maybe capture them. Having met one Legendary Pokémon (and glimpsed another), I would tell you that the effort is totally worth it.

Section 2 – Battling Behavior

If your efforts were rewarded with the capture of a Legendary Pokémon (read: an all-powerful being decided you were cool enough to let you catch it), you know their power can exceed that of more common Pokémon. Some of them, though, can face “regular” Pokémon in an actual battle (as opposed to a one-sided stomp-fest). Let’s look at a couple of them.

Keldeo is a cute, eager guy who packs a real punch with his high Special Attack. (Well, if you’re not me, he does. Since he’s a Water/Fighting type, this is one Legendary I can definitely take on.) He has a special move only he can learn, Secret Sword, and you should definitely have him learn it. It is well complemented by Scald and maybe Hidden Power, if your Keldeo has an appropriate one. Keldeo likes being made even stronger by a Life Orb or a pair of Choice Specs.

Zygarde may seem like a pretty chill Pokémon, but if you get him out of his cave and teach him Dragon Dance, he might just rock the world with his exclusive move, Land’s Wrath. If you prefer the classics, he can, of course, learn Earthquake, and he also has access to the ever-useful Extreme Speed. If that’s not enough of a Flying-type deterrent for you, he can also learn Stone Edge. One option to keep in mind is Rest; in that case, give your Zygarde a Chesto Berry to hold.

Finally, another Kalos Legendary: Diancie. In her normal state, she keeps on the defensive, and as long as she can keep away from Steel-type moves, she’s going to be there a while. When she Mega Evolves, her Defenses are much lowered, but her Speed more than doubles and both her Attack and her Special Attack Stats soar to 160! This way, she can use Moonblast, Earth Power and her special move, Diamond Storm, to bring down most opposing Pokémon… as long as they don’t have Bullet Punch, of course.

You’ve seen me mention exclusive moves; there are, in fact, quite a few that can only be learned by Legendary Pokémon. My favorite is Xerneas’s Geomancy. Such pretty colors! Most of them are very powerful, so I’ll just mention one that I think is extra useful: Meloetta’s Relic Song deals damage, has a chance to make opponents fall asleep (it hits multiple opponents in a Double Battle, too), and makes Meloetta change her Forme. Quite the complete package!

Section 3 – Classification

I couldn’t always keep the cutest Legendaries out of my Classification, so you’ll see a few familiar faces in The Fluffiest Whimsicott’s Top 5 Legendary Pokémon!

Number 5 – Jirachi


In spite of him theoretically waking only every thousand years, Jirachi has apparently been sighted quite a few times over the course of the last few years. Either the lore is slightly wrong, or he found a stash of Chesto Berries. Anyway, Jirachi is adorably star-shaped, and his white belly is so huggable! (As long as that eery eye is closed, of course.). Will he ever grant me the wish of meeting him?

Number 4 – Suicune


This elegant, majestic Pokémon represents, according to the legend, the northern winds and the pouring rain; I’d say he embodies them beautifully. His grace is evident, in spite of his rather large size, his colors are truly pretty, and I am endlessly fascinated by the fact that his mane and his tail ribbons wave as if moved by the wind… in opposite directions. Evidently, Suicune is too cool for even the simplest laws of physics.

Number 3 – Celebi


This little time traveler brings plants (and himself) back to life, and is an omen of peace and prosperity. Not everyone agrees with the theory that all Celebi are the same one, coexisting in different points in time in his life… it is a bit of a headache, I admit, but I do not find it entirely implausible. I like Celebi because of the sweetness that accompanies his figure and his legend.

Number 2 – Mew


Mew is cuteness personified! Anyone who has met him reports he is an absolute darling… if one with a bit too much of a silly streak. As a Prankster, I am in thorough admiration of someone who can play a little joke in any circumstance; plus, I think his playfulness makes him even more adorable.

Number 1 – Reshiram


Ah, Reshiram! The majestic beauty! The pure white softness! The elegant speed and the impressive power! The fascinating legend! Is there anything about him that is less than amazing? I do not think so. I love Reshiram!

Section 4 – Interview

Having already caught a tiny glimpse of Reshiram, I did not dare ask for even more luck there, and I didn’t go looking for him, even if I so wanted to. But I had heard reports that a certain Legendary Pokémon could quite surely be found in a precise location, so I flew there as fast as the wind would carry me. Here’s a transcript of what happened.

The Fluffiest Whimsicott: Dear PUCLonians, I have made my way into the Burned Tower in Johto’s Ecruteak City. I’m floating my way down into the basement, and I think I see something down there… oh, yes! It looks like Suicune! Hello, Suicune?

Suicune: Hm? Oh… uh-oh.

[Wild Suicune fled!]

TFW: What? Hey! Wait! Why… oh, don’t worry, PUCLonians, he won’t get away!

[Rushing wind fills the next section of the recording.]

TFW: Ha! So it is true, Suicune runs on water! But… why? We’re all the way to Cianwood… Suicune, wait!

S: Ah… I…

[Wild Suicune fled!]

TFW: Oh, are you kidding me? What have I ever done to you?

[The sound of rushing wind is heard again.]

TFW: Is he heading into Mount Mortar? Suicune, hey! Seriously, you’d rather be swarmed by Zubat than talk to me?

S: Erm… it’s not you… it’s just…

[Wild Suicune fled!]

TFW: Oh, for… off we go again!

[More rushing wind. A lot of it.]

TFW: What… the… Vermillion City? Did you really run all the way to Bug Biting Kanto?!? What are you thinking?

S: Oh, dear…

[Wild Suicune fled!]

TFW: This is starting to be tiresome. But don’t worry, I won’t leave you without an interview, my dear PUCLonians!

[Wind. It is rushing. You know.]

TFW: What is this, Route 14? Good, we’re not lost. Suicune, please! Just one moment!

S: But… I can’t…

[Wild Suicune fled!]

TFW: That’s it. I’m officially mildly upset. Come back here, you… !

[The supply of wind is apparently endless.]

TFW: He’s stopping on Route 25. This is it. Suicune?

[Wild Suicune fl-


S: … ok. Ok. Just… calm down, please. I really dislike conflict.

TFW: Ah. Thank you. And I’m sorry I yelled, but you really made me mad! Why did you keep running away? A simple: “No, thank you, I’d rather not be interviewed” would have sufficed, but nooo, you had to be rude and irk me, didn’t you?

S: Interviewed?

TFW: Yes. That’s why I was trying to talk to you.

S: Oh! I’m so sorry. I had heard a Whimsicott had recently visited an… acquaintance of mine, and I thought that you had been sent by them. I apologize.

TFW: An acquaintance… oh! You mean Articuno? Because you dumped… him, her, it, I’m not sure?

S: So that was you!

TFW: Yes, but I wasn’t sent, or anything. And Articuno is doing quite fine, you know.

S: I do know. That’s why I was trying to avoid you! You see, I am now seeing someone else, and Articuno is so sensitive… I didn’t want the news to get out.

TFW: Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure Articuno doesn’t read my reports. But it’s been years…

S: Years are not so long to a Legendary Pokémon.

TFW: Oh. Of course. Still, I think Articuno will be fine even knowing. But I promise you I won’t go and tell… uh, them? I really need to figure out what pronoun Articuno prefers.

S: Thank you. So, you were proposing an interview?

TFW: Yes! Question one was: is the legend true? Were you revived by Ho-oh after the fire in the Tower?

S: I am quite sure I was. I remember waking up among the rain and smoke… things before that are hazy. But dear Ho-oh was very reassuring, and I felt fine, even if I didn’t remember everything well.

TFW: Wow. This is pretty great information, thank you. Second question… it is said that you go looking for water that needs to be purified. Why do you do that?

S: Wouldn’t you, if you had the power to do so?

TFW: … I guess I would. But is it a simple choice, or are you somewhat attracted to places that need your help?

S: I wouldn’t say that I know beforehand where I need to go. I let the wind lead me, and I just run until I find unclean water. I quite like running.

TFW: Yeah, I noticed. Well… I’ve inconvenienced you enough. Although all the running around wasn’t exactly my fault. I’ll just ask you one more question, and then I’ll be on my way.

S: Of course, go ahead.

TFW: How can your tail ribbons wave forward? I just don’t get it.

S: Ah… I don’t, either. Raikou says Ho-oh woke me last… and that he looked a bit tired by then.

TFW. Ah.

S: Yes.

TFW: Well… at least they look pretty?

S: … thank you.


Section 5 – Facts and conclusions

Whew! That was quite tiring, but ultimately satisfying. Before I get a little rest, I shall be leaving you, as usual, with five interesting facts about Legendary Pokémon!

  1. The region with the most Legendary Pokémon associated with it is Sinnoh.
  2. The only type not represented in Legendary Pokémon is Poison (thank goodness).
  3. Only one Legendary Pokémon can breed, and only one can have a specific Gender… but they are not the same Pokémon. Manaphy can generate Phione Eggs, and Heatran can be male or female.
  4. The smallest Legendary Pokémon is Shaymin, who is 20 cm tall, but the lightest are Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf, who weigh only 300 g. The largest Legendary Pokémon is Rayquaza, at a length of 7 m; Primal Kyogre is longer, at 9.8 m, but then Mega Rayquaza is longer even than that, at 10.8 m. The heaviest is certainly Groudon: at 950 kg in its normal state, and 999.7 in its Primal Reversion, it is the heaviest Pokémon of all.
  5. Legendary Pokémon may be hard to approach, but they can be surprisingly easy to relate to.

And with that, our second special report is concluded. I hope you found it suitably… exceptional.

Until next time,

The Fluffiest Whimsicott


This article was lovingly translated from Pokémon speech by Mr. Natural Harmonia Gropius. If you wish to enlist his services as a Pokémon-Human translator, you may contact him at ghetsis.sucks@gmail.com. All income will go towards feeding and sheltering abandoned Pokémon and covering the cost of Mr. N’s therapy sessions.