Hello, my dear PUCLonians, and welcome to our last special! Today I’ll be focusing on the newly-discovered phenomenon that has most Pokémon scientists (that’s scientists who study Pokémon) and Pokémon scientists (that’s Pokémon who study science, like me) thoroughly intrigued… that’s right: this week’s Topical Type is Mega Evolution!


Section 1 – Introduction

Mega Evolution is unlike any other Pokémon evolution ever seen before: it can only occur during battle, and reverses at the end of it. All Mega Evolutions require a different but similar item (a Mega Stone) to be held by the Pokémon, which is not so unusual, but also a corresponding item (this time always the same, a Key Stone) held by the Trainer, and the item is not consumed by the evolution process. The origins of these Mega Stones and Key Stones are still mysterious; while the main theory is that they originated from the irradiation of different Evolutionary stones with the energy generated by Kalos’s Legendary Pokémon, there is some evidence that some of them may have been meteorites fallen on our planet from space. It is possible that those meteorites had an energy of their own, and were somehow activated as Mega Stones when they met the residual energy of the Legendary Pokémon on our planet, although it is not easy to establish whether this residual energy would be sufficient to do such a thing.

The reason why only some Pokémon can Mega Evolve is also not clear; the Mega Stones appear to be specifically tied to the Pokémon, and some have been discovered more recently than others, so maybe it is all about the availability of the Stones… but why can Charizard and Mewtwo Mega Evolve in two different ways? There is definitely still much to learn about Mega Evolution.

Section 2 – Battling Behavior

Battle is where Mega Evolution shines, of course, and thus I’ve already analyzed many Mega Evolutions in this section. Let’s take a look at another couple of them.

Our first Mega Evolution is a really scary one, and I don’t think she’d be offended by me thinking so: Mega Banette. Banette usually likes to hold grudges, and her Mega Evolution really helps in making people think twice about getting on her wrong side. Her powerful Shadow Sneak is nothing to sneer at, and if you know me, you know how much Prankster can mess you up… but Mega Banette takes that a step further, with the ultimate grudge-filled behavior: you’re going to KO her? Prankster Destiny Bond will make sure she takes you with her. And believe me, where she goes, you really don’t want to follow.

Quite less scary, until you take a look at her Attack and Speed stats, is Mega Lopunny. This adorable, fluffy lady might normally seem helpless and excessively girly, but her Mega Evolution is all about kicking down hard anyone who stands in her way. And I do mean anyone, as thanks to her Scrappy ability even Ghosts won’t be safe from her Normal- and Fighting-type attacks. Her frailty is a real problem, but her Speed helps her pull off quite a few tricks… including one of the fastest non-Prankster Encores out there. Oh, that is so much fun. (Teeheehee!)

Finally, we have Mega Pidgeot. Besides being quite stylish, Mega Pidgeot is way faster than his appearance would suggest, and has a rather interesting ability: No Guard. This allows Mega Pidgeot to hit reliably with one of the scariest moves out there: Hurricane. Now, I personally like throwing out a couple of those myself, but I know mine don’t really hurt anyone and are just a lot of fun (especially when they confuse opponents). Mega Pidgeot is a Flying type, and his Special Attack is kind of nuts… if you really have to be caught in a Hurricane, it had better be mine rather than his, for sure. No Guard does mean Mega Pidgeot won’t be missed by any Thunder or Stone Edge, though, so never rely on luck to keep your pretty bird safe.

There are no moves exclusive to Mega Evolutions, of course, although I should mention there is one Mega Evolution exclusive to a move, so to speak: Rayquaza can only Mega Evolve if it knows Dragon Ascent.

Section 3 – Classification

As fluffiness, cool streaming ribbons and pretty gems seem to be a staple of most Mega Evolutions, it really wasn’t easy for me to pick only the usual number, but I somehow managed. Here you have them: The Fluffiest Whimsicott’s Top 5 Mega Evolutions!

Number 5 – Mega Altaria


I’ll admit: the fluffiness is truly enviable. But my eyes are orange, not green, and I am perfectly capable of seeing how lovely Mega Altaria looks (how she keeps flying in a straight line, however, is a bit more of a mystery). Her singing also becomes even more impressive… perhaps even too much so; I’m sure you’ll agree if you’ve ever heard one of her Hyper Voices!

Number 4 – Mega Gallade


This dashing hero is so charming! He may lose Steadfast as an ability when Mega Evolving, but he certainly keeps it as one of his main personality traits. He will not stop fighting for justice and to protect innocents, even though his Mega Evolution adds nothing to his scarce HP stat: a truly admirable dedication. So where is my TV show?

Number 3 – Mega Ampharos


Mega Ampharos gains back all the fluff it lost in its previous evolutionary journey from a Mareep… and then some! Those shiny orbs are the perfect decorations on his mane, and if you’re lucky enough to know a shiny Ampharos, get him a Mega Stone as quickly as you can: that blue on white an pink really can’t be missed. Mega Ampharos might not be the most overwhelming Mega Evolution, but he is certainly the most fabulous.

Number 2 – Mega Mawile


As you already know, I just can’t bring myself to find her double jaws of doom in any way scary, even though her Iron Heads can KO even the Fluffiest of Whimsicott (provided I don’t Cotton Guard, sure, but that’s really just putting off the inevitable). It might be the fellowship of finding ourselves to be Fairies all of a sudden, or maybe her adorable demeanor does what it’s supposed to and lures Pokémon into range of the highest Attack in the world. In any case, I like Mega Mawile quite a lot.

Number 1 – Mega Gardevoir


The elegance is off the charts! The added poofiness to Mega Gardevoir’s pure white dress is just darling, and her “gloves”? Oh, those are the best! Her longer, spikier ears also compliment her hair in a way that’s just perfect. Oh, I wish I could Mega Evolve and be just half as glamorous and graceful as she is!

Section 4 – Interview

As you can imagine, dear PUCLonians, this week’s interview posed a bit of a conundrum: Mega Evolution can, of course, only occur during battle. I picked a spot where lots of battling occurs, Hoenn’s Victory Road, and located a Trainer with a Key Stone. But in order to interview a Mega Evolution… well, I had to get a bit creative. You can find out how well that turned out in the transcript below.

The Fluffiest Whimsicott: Hold it! Don’t stop it! But hold it!

Mega Gallade: Hey! Be careful, Miss! Don’t float down, there’s a battle going on down here!

TFW: I know! That’s why I’m here.

MG: What? Miss Froslass, please, hold your attacks! There’s a little Grass type on the field!

TFW: Oh, thank you, but don’t stop battling, please! It’s very important!

MG: How so?

TFW: I need to interview a Mega Evolution.

MG: In the middle of a battle?

TFW: How else could I do it?

MG: I suppose you have a- hey! Watch out!

TFW: Oh, thanks for getting me out of the way. You really are very heroic! So, about that interview-

MG: Whowawowawowawooooooo. Ooooh, birdies!

TFW: Oh, dear. That Confuse Ray ended up hitting you, didn’t it? I’m so sorry.

MG: Chirpie-chirpie go the birdies…

TFW: Hey! Snap out of it, or you’ll lose!

MG: What? Never! I’ll never let my Trainer down! Psycho Cut!

TFW: Yeah! Go! Ah, I mean… don’t beat her yet, I still have to interview you!

MG: Then, for Arceus’s sake, ask.

TFW: Oh, right. How different from the usual are you feeling right now?

MG: I feel – dodge, Miss Whimsicott! – more powerful, like I have a warm energy flowing from the Stone into me, giving me strength. It’s pleasant.

TFW: Where did your Trainer get your Mega Stone?

MG: A man in the town we were staying in thought we were worthy and gave one to us.

TFW: Were you happy?

MG: Of course. To have my bond with my Trainer recognized in such a way… it was wonderful.

TFW: Oh, Shadow Ball, look out!

MG: Thank you. Any more questions?

TFW: Yes. Do you wish you could stay Mega Evolved even outside of battles?

MG: A curious question. I believe I would. The capes are quite satisfying to swish around.

TFW: I can see how they might be. Well, I think that’s all, I’ve made you drag this out long enough already.

MG: Thank you. Psycho Cut again!

TFW: Yeah! Awesome! You should so totally be on TV. Do you know a Mega Gardevoir? Or anyone who owns a ballroom?

MG: What?

TFW: Ah… never mind.


Section 5 – Facts and conclusions

Well, that was quite adventurous, but also successful, so I’ll chalk it up as a win (actually, two, since I was rooting for Mega Gallade). Having accomplished the most complicated task of this week, I’ll leave you, as has been our habit, with five interesting facts about Mega Evolutions!

  1. The region home to the most Pokémon capable of Mega Evolving is Hoenn (I suppose it was a good idea to travel there, then).
  2. Rayquaza is the only Pokémon that can hold an item that’s not a Mega Stone while it’s Mega Evolved.
  3. Dragon is the most common typing acquired during a Mega Evolution, followed by Fairy and Fighting.
  4. The smallest Mega Evolution is Mega Mawile, who’s 1 m tall, and the lightest is Mega Banette, at 13 kg of weight. The largest is Mega Rayquaza, at a length of 10.8 m, and the heaviest is Mega Metagross, at 942.9 kg.
  5. Mega Evolutions are fleeting, but awesome.

And with that, our Topical Type specials are concluded… in fact, I’d say Topical Types, in general, are done. But Professor Juniper has agreed to let me work with her some more, this time in a more… freeform, less tethered way. Oh, I’m going to have a lot of great adventures with my new research, I just know it! I hope you will be along for this new journey, as well… it’s going to be a bit wild, a bit literal, and a lot of fun (hopefully for you, as well).

Until next time,

The Fluffiest Whimsicott

This article was lovingly translated from Pokémon speech by Mr. Natural Harmonia Gropius. If you wish to enlist his services as a Pokémon-Human translator, you may contact him at ghetsis.sucks@gmail.com. All income will go towards feeding and sheltering abandoned Pokémon and covering the cost of Mr. N’s therapy sessions.