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Trainers of Kanto: Agent Damian

Trainers of Kanto: Agent Damian

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Alola, my beautiful PUCL peers! Capt. Gravy here, bringing you another edition of Trainers of Kanto. I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful holiday season. I have been trying to fly through my version of Sun so that I can begin building my team for PUCL’s next tournament. I’m looking forward to it and I hope to battle some of you soon!

Agent Damian

Long before he was a Team Rocket operative, Agent D was an eleven-year-old Pokémon trainer. He got into the games when they came out and used to bother his parents by talking about it all the time. In these early years, Agent D would meet up with friends after school to battle, trade, and talk shop. These battles were casual but by the time Gold and Silver came out, Damian had found a true rival. He and his rival would battle all the time—countering each other’s strategies like they had their own Gen 2 metagame. These matches were the beginning of Damian’s love for VGC and competitive Pokémon.


Agent D VGCed before it was cool.

This love has continued to today and Agent D has made many friends through competing in the VGC circuit. He loves running into people at events and seeing how they have improved their teams from last time. Agent Damian has also made a lot of friends through PUCL. “It’s great to have a place with people willing to help me on my journey to be the very best, and I want to give a shout out to Bigby. He was really helpful in improving my VGC 16 team, showing me the awesome value in Crobat, which top cut at a Premier Challenge and took me to finals at another one.”

Once at Premier Challenge it looked like there weren’t going to be enough people to participate, so Damian handed his brother a spare 3DS with Alpha Sapphire. Even though Damian’s brother hadn’t played since Diamond and Pearl, Agent D was quickly able to teach him how to use this alternate team. Damian’s brother ended up going undefeated until the final round when he was paired with Damian himself! (Plot Twist!) “I was sure I could beat a team that I had created, but he was winning. He would have won the game, however he conceded defeat so that we could both go into top cut. I did end up beating him in the quarter finals legitimately and placed second overall, but that would have to be the best memory I have of Pokémon—the day my brother who hadn’t played the game in 10 years went undefeated at a tournament.”

Actual photo of Salty Premier Challenge participant

Actual photo of Salty Premier Challenge participant

Agent Damian’s favorite Pokémon is Eevee. He loves how cute and adaptable the little guy is. To Damian, the design of Eevee represents choice and untapped potential. He also likes how different all the Eeveelutions are and yet how well they all get along. Damian wishes the world was more like Eevee and its family. Completive-wise, scarfed Tapu Lele is Agent D’s MVP. Its priority-killing Psychic Terrain and powerful STAB Psychic make it a powerhouse on his team.


As for his recent antics in Alola, Agent Damian is really enjoying the fleshed-out characters of Gen 7. The captains, rivals, and evil team members really seem like real people that have their own wants and desires rather than an NPC that waits in a room for you. He says that these games do a great job of making Alola feel like a real place where you actually are the Champion. He loves exploring this region and learning all the different nuances of the characters.

Agent D’s dream is to be very best, like no one ever was. He hopes to qualify for Worlds and help others in their VGC dreams. If he fails to complete this goal, he has thought about becoming a VGC professor so that he can facilitate the dreams of others on their way to the top. Recently, Agent Damian competed alongside Thatch on the first episode of PUCL Game Corner. Below is his business card.

Agent Damian | Team Rocket Field Operative – VGC R&D
Team Rocket Field HQ | 1.800.EVILORG ext. 416
24 Silph Rd. Saffron City, Kanto 23669

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