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Trainers of Kanto: Beaverla

Trainers of Kanto: Beaverla

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Alola PUCL people! Capt. Gravy here with another edition of Trainers of Kanto. Let’s get right to it.


Beaverla’s first experience with Pokémon was realizing that he didn’t have any Pokémon cards. It seemed like all of his friends at school suddenly had them and he didn’t want to feel left out. He was in third grade and did what any reasonable third grader would do—go ask his dad to buy him the latest fad. Later than week, Beaverla’s father called him into his office. He told little Beaverla how proud he was of the grades he was getting, handed him a pack of Pokémon cards, and told him he would buy a pack for each A he received on an assignment. Opening that first pack was a very special moment for Beaverla. “It was so cool to be rewarded for something I was good at with something I wanted so badly. And even though my Dad gives me a hard time that I was and still am into Pokemon, he has always supported me. He bought me the games, the shirts, the blankets, the plushes, whatever I wanted growing up.” Beaverla’s father could not have known that Beaverla would maintain a 4.0 GPA until he graduated—and though his father stopped rewarding his grades after third grade ended, this was the beginning of many memories that Beaverla treasures with his father. His father still asks Beaverla how his visits to league are going and last year Papa Beaverla sent him the Pokémon theme song to cheer him on at nationals.


“I’m proud of ya, son. Here, take these cards. Now go put your friends to shame.” –Papa Beaverla

Beaverla has always considered himself a nerd (4.0 GPA) and feels drawn toward Mewtwo. For him, there is something really appealing about a powerful, misunderstood outsider. Beaverla has seen Pokémon: The First Movie more times than he can count and has considered getting a quote from Mewtwo as a tattoo. If he had to pick a non-legendary favorite, Beaverla would choose Nidoking. In his very first pack of cards, Beaverla pulled a holographic Nidoking card and has since tried to place him on any team possible. He is drawn to Nidoking’s design and for Christmas he received a stein from his girlfriend’s mom with both Mewtwo and Nidoking painted on it.


It’s a One Hit K.O.! –Pokemon Stadium Commentator

As he grew up, Beaverla made a close friend that he could battles and trades cards with even to this day. For his birthday, this friend gave Beaverla a Shaymin EX. Beaverla is involved in Colombus’ competitive TCG scene. He is involved in two leagues and participated in regionals and Nationals last year. Beaverla would like to get more involved in competitive Pokémon, specifically VGC. “I battled Thatch on Twitch and got crushed. He felt bad and traded me a 6 IV Ditto. So since then I’ve been training for more competitions.” Beaverla participated in this year’s UUTC and was paired with R. Sigma. Though he went out of the tournament with an 0-2 record (me too, Beaverla) he is hopefully looking toward the future.

Thank you so much, Beaverla, for sharing your journey as a Pokemon trainer with PUCL! As always, let Beaverla know what you think in the comments below. And remember, it’s so easy to share your story with us here at PUCL, simply click on this link, fill out your information, and I’ll flip-flop my way over to you.