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Trainers of Kanto: Bigby

Trainers of Kanto: Bigby

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Hello to all my beautiful PUCLonians! I hope I get to battle some of you in the UUTC with my terrible, untested, thrown-together team. I remember around this time last year, I knew almost nothing about competitive Pokémon. Now, thanks to PUCL, I know a few things but I’m still very novice and terrible. But enough about me…


Bigby was in Jr. High when Pokémon Red and Blue were released. In true sibling fashion, Bigby received Blue version while his younger brother got Red. Bigby’s first starter was Squirtle. He loved the anime’s “cool” Squirtle Squad and saw it as a validation of his pick at the time. With the other’s help, Bigby and his sibling were able to complete the Pokédex pretty quickly. Back in these Gen One days Bigby wasn’t too interested in battling, but followed the “Gotta Catch ‘Em All!” crowd. He vaguely remembers his team consisting of: Blastoise, Articuno (nicknamed BRAK—a sign of the times), Pidgeot, Snorlax, Raichu, and Tauros. “My brother swore by Tauros, despite being a kind of random mon at the time. Little did I know how prescient he was, and how sharp Tauros’ descent into mediocrity would become.”


DISCLAIMER: The opinion of PUCL members is not necessarily the opinion of the organization PUCL. Green Tauros is a wonderful sponsor and the PUCL podcast would like to go on record saying that regardless of the competitive viability of the Green Tauros mascot that the Green Tauros Energy Drink CAN and WILL give you hooves.

One of Bigby’s first ventures into battling was his match as a high school freshman against one of the senior library nerds. Bigby had no experience with move sets or competitive play—he put all of his trust into BRAK, his level 100 Articuno. As a result, BRAK is no longer with us. Bigby was crushed and his time as a Pokémon trainer went on pause. It was during this time that Bigby explored his other interests—Zelda, Halo, and the free N64/PS2 rentals that his employment at Blockbuster allowed him.



Then Twitch Plays Pokémon happened. Bigby was sucked in the rascally antics of the Helix worshippers. His “nostalgia juices” got pumped enough to make him buy a 3DS XL and Pokémon Y. His journey had essentially begun anew. Bigby thinks he’s doing pretty well for a Genwunner. Other than PUCL, he doesn’t have many friends that like Pokémon and he has to keep his Pokéaddiction under wraps because of his job.


Bigby’s favorite Pokémon is Crobat. “With move tutors, I think he’s one of the best competitive Pokémon around in both singles and doubles. He’s fast, tanky, and before SuMo was one of the only viable Poison types.” Bigby believes that the final addition to the Zubat line feels aesthetically pleasing and complete rather than other goofy-looking final evolutions. Some of his other favorites are Bisharp and Mega-Swampert.


Bigby’s favorite memory from Alola is meeting Looker and taking on the UBs. He felt that he rushed through his first playthrough to get to the competitive features but is looking forward to finishing his second playthrough on Sun version after the UUTC is over.

You can often find Bigby in the chat box. He plans to compete in the UUTC as well as apply to be Gym Leader in this year’s Summer League—look out for him. Bigby would also like to try to attend a nearby Premier Challenge soon but says it’s unlikely as his town’s VGC scene is nonexistent.

Thanks for reading Bigby’s story! Let him know how you feel about his journey by commenting below. Remember, you too can share your story with the PUCL community simply by filling out this form. Hope to battle some of you soon!