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Trainers of Kanto: Magnepwn

Trainers of Kanto: Magnepwn

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Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to 2017’s first Trainers of Kanto. Let’s get to it.


Magnepwn was surprised by the red Gameboy cartridge that his mother handed him as he got inside the car. He was seven years old and had just finished a long day at school. Because it was a forty minute drive from his school back to home, he had been prepared to tell his mother about his day before drowsing off—he never expected to receive Pokémon Red. Magnepwn didn’t even know that Pokémon video games existed. He thought the anime was all there was to the phenomenon. As he turned his Gameboy color on and chose Squirtle as his starter, he knew his world was about to change.

This fascination continued Magnepwn into Johto. He was sucked in by the atmosphere and the day and night cycle of his copy of Pokémon Gold. “The towns had catchy tunes, the locations had themes, and I actually felt like a Pokémon Trainer. I was on my adventure.” What was most incredible about that game was when he beat the Elite Four and found out he was returning to Kanto. Magnepwn has never been so surprised and wishes that this feature would return in future games.


As Magnepwn got older, he began to think that Pokémon was much too easy of a game. He did his playthrough, caught the legendaries, and waited for the next game to come out. This all changed when his friend Alex told him about EVs, IVs, natures, and introduced Magnepwn to competitive Pokémon. Suddenly, Magnepwn’s copy of Platinum began to get a lot more interesting—it was as if Pokémon had grown up with him.


If you couldn’t guess, Magnezone is Magnepwn’s favorite Pokémon. Magnepwn has always enjoyed science and now that he has gone through college and become a scientist, he wants to be like his in-game counterparts and use the Magnet Pokémon evolution line. “Also, Magnezone is a UFO with three horseshoe magnets and three eyes…how cool is that?”


Magnepwn has enjoyed his journey through Alola so far. He could not put Sun and Moon down after he got it. This is the first time he has ever completed the Pokedex in a game. He particularly enjoys how many Magnemites and Magnezones there are in Alola and on the GTS.

Magnepwn is new to the PUCL community but he really loves everyone he has met so far. He likes to hang out in the chat box to exchange friend codes. He hopes to expand his competitive horizons and begin attending official VGC events. (Perhaps he will participate in a PUCL tournament or two as well!) More than anything, Magnepwn can’t wait to introduce his children to the wonderful world of Pokémon.

Let’s all be sure to welcome Magnepwn if we see him in the chat box and thank him for sharing his Pokémon journey with us. If you liked Magnepwn’s story, be sure to let him know what you thought in the comments below! I really appreciate feedback as well. And, as always, if you want to share your story with the PUCL community, just fill out the info in this link and I’ll get to you shortly.