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Trainers of Kanto: Professor Snag

Trainers of Kanto: Professor Snag

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Alola PUCL people! We are just thirteen short (read: incredibly, excruciatingly long) days away from Sun and Moon. I will not be able to attend the live episode unfortunately, but I hope that everyone else has fun hanging out and talking about their new adventures in the Alola region!

Professor Snag

Professor Snag had humble beginnings. The first time he experienced the thrills of being a Pokémon trainer was during middle school, inside the glorious walls of Pizza Hut. His friend Alix had brought his Game Boy to play while they waited for their pizza. It was Alix’s birthday but he was kind enough to let Snag try out Pokémon Blue. Snag had a great time playing it so Alix told him about Red version and let him borrow his trusty, guidebook so that Snag could learn all about Pokémon before beginning his own journey. It was at this moment that Snag began his studious ways. He worked hard to have good grades so that his parents would buy him a Green Game Boy Pocket and thus a legend was born.


Snag continued his journey as trainer until his obsession reached its peak during his college years. Unfortunately, Snag was alone for most of this journey. Besides one of his friends in college recognizing Snag’s love and commenting about how he and his brothers used to play Pokémon together, he could find no one to share his love of these monsters. That is, until Dr. Audino appeared. (Cue sexy saxophone music)


Snag told his wife-to-be that he loved Pokémon with some trepidation. These two loves were at war inside him—he was nervous that one might lose out, but Dr. Audino said that she was okay with it. She has since gone on to tolerate and even enjoy Pokémon. Together, Professor Snag and Dr. Audino have two beautiful young trainers: Snagorina and Snagorino. “I love that my kids are growing up enjoying Pokémon and loving the shows and the toys. I love that for six Halloweens now, my kids have been Pokémon.”

PUCL has become a very important part of Snag’s life ever since he found the community two years ago. He formed close relationships with the Summer League Gym Leaders and, later, with the writing crew. He also has very fond memories of PUCLcon and all the PUCLonians that he finally got to meet there. “I left that weekend with a new appreciation for all of these people and loved the culture we have created as PUCLonians.”

Professor Snag’s favorite Pokémon is Alakazam. He recalls trying to catch the ever-elusive Abra near Cerulean City near the beginning of his journey. He raised it up until it evolved into Kadabra and learned Confusion and blasted all his foes from his path. Though he was not able to evolve his Kadabra to an Alakazam yet, he loved the “unstoppable power” that he now controlled. He would later solo the Elite Four with his trusty Alakazam until Lance just couldn’t take it anymore. Snag wouldn’t see the Dragon Master again until his travels through Johto.


Snag looks forward to capturing all the new Pokémon in Sun and Moon and hopes that the hype generated by the 20th anniversary is something that he and his family can remember for years to come.

And now, my dear Puclonians, a plea from your dear Capt. Gravy. I have enjoyed fulfilling Arceus’ will on my journey to unite PUCL. I would be eternally grateful if you would sign-up to be featured in Trainers of Kanto by filling out this form. If you do, you will be sharing your unique story with this wonderful community and Arceus’ blessings will shower down upon your time in the Alola region. If you don’t sign up, well, let’s just say that Archie, Maxie, Cheryl, and Cyrus never signed up and look how things turned out for them in Pokémon Generations.