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Ahoy beautiful PUCLonians! Welcome to another edition of Trainers of Kanto. First of all, I want to thank everyone who participated in the Summer League! You made my gym hours such a blast. RussellCrowe, my trusty Machamp, has not had that much fun battling since he was a wee little Machop Low Kicking his way through Rock Tunnel. Alright, that’s enough sentiment from me.

R. Sigma/R.Σ

R. Sigma’s adventures began on Christmas Eve of 1999 when he received an indigo Game Boy Color and a copy of Pokémon Blue. He recalls choosing Squirtle as his first starter and bowling through Brock on that first night of his journey. The second day of R. Sigma’s adventure as a Pokémon trainer, a day normally filled with optimism and wonder–Christmas Day, brought many hardships. R. Sigma was bitten by his family dog (he tells me this was not out of character for the animal) and spent the majority of that evening in the emergency room waiting for a doctor to apply stitches to his bottom lip. During this free time, he made it all the way to Celadon City, but it was here that R. Sigma’s first journey came to an end.

Confounded by the labyrinthine holo-floors of Team Rocket’s base as well as the inability of the department store elevator to bring you to the vending machines on its roof to get a soda for the guards, R. Sigma restarted his journey. With the help of his brother, R. Sigma was able to trade his Blastoise over to his new game and this time he chose Charmander. With Charizard’s fire-type fury (Ember, Flamethrower, Fire Spin, Fire Blast) and Blastoise’s unsettling brawn (Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Skull Bash) R. Sigma tore through the Kanto region on his second try. Now, every time he sees the scar across his lower lip in a Pokémon Center mirror, R. Sigma remembers how that second adventure comforted him during that difficult, painful period of his life.

Other precious memories of his journey involve the time he spent in college playing the Pokéathalon, Entree link, Battle Subway, and Pokémon Musicals.

R. Sigma's Politoed
R. Sigma’s Politoed

He recalls Pokémon Diamond being the first time he used the name R. Sigma due to the game’s character limit. By then, he was an experienced trainer and tried to get others to join him on his adventure. During the first month of his freshman year of college he convinced his roommate to accompany him on a journey to Toys “R” Us to obtain the mythical Manaphy. They walked the six miles to the store only to find that it was shut down. (No worries, folks. R. Sigma found another store by the time the Shaymin event rolled around.) During this long walk there and back, R. Sigma and his roommate got to know each other really well and still keep in contact today, though R. Sigma believes that Manaphy trip discouraged his friend from playing Pokémon.

R. Sigma's Diamond Trainer Card (Pokédex missing Ho-Oh and Arceus, completed in HG)
R. Sigma’s Diamond Trainer Card (Pokédex missing Ho-Oh and Arceus, completed in HG)

R. Sigma’s favorite Pokémon tend to be speedy and versatile. His very favorite Pokémon is Cradily. “My attention was first drawn to Cradily by an article published by Bulbapedia’s George Hutcheon on this fossil Pokémon’s origin ( Learning that this goofy looking plant wasn’t a plant and that it was just masquerading as such truly piqued my interest.” By having a Cradily on his team, R. Sigma became attached to its “awkward green and pink color scheme as well as its stubby little appendages.” Its animated Gen 5 sprite endeared the creature even more to R. Sigma and he believes that the 3D of Gen 6 really does justice to the emotion contained in Cradily’s eyes and neck. Cradily’s typing creates defensive strength out of the separate weaknesses of its two types and it has a well-balanced movepool. R. Sigma currently calls his Cradily, Pianta, but he has considered paying the Name Rater a visit.


He doesn’t skip leg day with those nubs.

R. Sigma attended PUCLcon 2016 as well as competing in Nationals. While competing this year, he noticed that there was a discernible gap between him and the other trainers. He now realizes the importance of attending a regional competition and the valuable experience one can gain from just being present at high level competitions. He hopes to compete again next year with a more personalized team (perhaps using Sylveon and Raichu) and to win a few more matches at Nationals. He also dreams of taking down a triathlon if Pokkén’s popularity persists for another year.

Alright folks, I’m off to break the bad news to my HM Slaves before I toss them overboard on my way to the Alola region. Be sure to send some PUCL love R. Sigma’s way and keep tuning in to Trainers of Kanto. Please let me know what you think below and feel free to reach out to me if you would like to share your story with the PUCL community.

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