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Trainers of Kanto: Ryusei

Trainers of Kanto: Ryusei

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Hola, to all my gorgeous PUCLonions out there! We are two weeks into the UUTC and I’m afraid that I am terrible at battling Pokémon. Yes, I lost my first two battles. It wasn’t even close. I was obliterated and left on an island to survive with nothing but a bunch of stupid FedEx packages I’m too nervous to open. If you’re in the same boat (i.e. the SS Gravy) as me, that’s okay. Pre-Bank OU is no longer a thing anyway. Now, onto business.


Ryusei’s journey began eighteen years ago when he received Red version. At first, Ryusei was unsure of what starter to pick. He left the Game Boy at the starter selection screen and weighed the pros and cons of each choice. After ruling out Squirtle, Ryusei decided that his favorite color was red and he has always loved fire, so naturally, his starter was Charmander. One of Ryusei’s favorite memories was finding his mother with his Game Boy after school. She was playing the slots in the Celadon Game Corner.


During 4th gen, Ryusei created a YouTube channel, ryusei881, and began trying to teach others to play competitive Pokémon. Over the years, he has explored the different competitive options for Pokemon like Blissey, Lapras, and Mega Gardevoir. By making videos as well as organizing and going to local tournaments, Ryusei became pretty skilled at competitive Pokémon. He was one event short from getting his worlds invite last year and is too busy to compete this year. But Ryusei loves to travel and play Pokémon all across the United States and says that you should look out for his name in 2018.

Ryusei has two favorite Pokémon. The first is Charizard. He, like many of us, loves the awesome dragon-like monster that Charmander evolves into. The other favorite is Scizor. Ryusei has fond memories of Gold and Silver’s Bug Catching Contest. He remembers how hard it was to find Scyther in the contest and loves Scizor because, yes, it’s a red Scyther.Ash_Charizard_disobedience_pokemon_anime_cartoon


In the past, Ryusei was embarrassed about his love for Pokémon all through high school. But one day, he decided that “Pokémon was me, and if people didn’t like that, then oh well.” Ever since then, Ryusei has been upfront and proud of his Pokémon love. He really loves telling his co-workers and finding out that some of them also love Pokémon. When he meets someone who shares his obsession, he tries to round them into the local tournaments that he organizes. Ryusei looks forward to getting involved in the Gen 7 meta and is also excited about all the new friends and fun PUCL has to offer.

Alright, everyone. Let Ryusei know that PUCL welcomes him by commenting below! Remember, if you want to share your story with the PUCL community, it’s almost too easy! Simply click on this link, fill out the form, and I’ll make my way over to you soon.