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Ahoy PUCL peeps! This was been a busy week. The S.S. Gravy sprung quite a few leaks on our way to the Alola region. It took some time for my Galvantula, Solaire, to patch things up with Sticky Web, but we are now continuing on our way. Before I introduce today’s featured trainer, I want to give a disclaimer. As Sentient PokéBall is not a human but a Poké Ball, please keep in mind that this is merely speculation on what it might have been like for Sentient to be a Pokémon Trainer.

Sentient PokéBall

Sentient first experienced Pokémon at the age of eleven on a dark Spring night back in 1999. From where he sat with his best friend in the back of the car, he could just make out his friend’s older brother playing Pokémon Red. Despite the poor lighting of this nighttime road trip, Sentient was completely transfixed and soon used his allowance to purchase a copy of Pokémon Blue. He began his travels in Kanto with a lone Squirtle. “I was the classic example of a newbie who only used one overleveled Pokémon instead of a balanced team.” This Squirtle soon evolved into a formidable Blastoise with the moves: Surf, Hydro Pump, Bite, Skull Bash. With this trusty partner, Sentient made it his mission to complete the PokéDex, but not without some bumps along the way. When Sentient encountered Ditto near Fuschia City, he was amazed that a Pokémon could emulate his Blastoise. He quickly chucked the Master Ball because he didn’t understand that he would not be able to obtain another. His tragic battle with Mewtwo was much harder because of this, but Sentient was able to complete the Dex once he purchased Red Version.


If only he was the Prophesied Mega-Evolve and Cannon-Punch you in the face Blastoise.

Sentient’s favorite Pokémon is a tough call for him to make, but when put on the spot he thinks first of Starmie. Since the days of his travels around Kanto, Sentient took notice of the Mysterious Pokémon’s special attack and type coverage. During the days of Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Stadium 2, Starmie was the MVP on Sentient’s teams. The Pokémon has a variety of options with moves such as: Hydro Pump, Psychic, Scald, Rapid Spin, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, and Recover. Back in earlier gens, it was a great team member and this has continued into today, with Starmie still being a powerful OU Pokémon with defensive and all-out attacking sets. Its design is also “mysterious and cool.”


Sentient had some friends in middle school to play the games or the TCG base set with, as well as his cousins who traded the new version exclusive Pokémon from Ruby and Sapphire with him. For the first year of the Gen 6 metagame, Sentient became friends with a guy over Facebook. They gave each other Hatching O-Powers to help each other breed and then they would have battles to test out their teams and work out new Pokémon to try out. Many of these friends and extended family members moved on from Pokémon to other things. Though, like many other PUCLonians, he has seen a sudden burst of interest in Pokémon due to GO. “While at my cousin’s wedding a few weeks ago, my cousins and I talked on and on about the game and which powerful or rare Pokemon we’ve been able to find, and I showed them how to battle gyms or increase their prestige. One of them also mentioned that he still played his copy of Pokemon Ruby every now and then. It was really cool to see that even a Pokemon game as old as that was still worth revisiting to him.”



Sentient hopes that with Sun and Moon coming out, he can hype his Facebook friend and maybe his family members so that he can relive these memories. He also has goals of becoming a better competitive battler. He feels like he is lacking somewhat in the intuition needed for team building. Sentient would like to progress to the point where he can identify a Pokémon he wants to use (Flareon in OU) and build a team from there. Aside from these, Sentient plans to continue work toward his living Dex. He already has around 500 Pokémon in his Bank, so he thinks he should be able to manage it. Sentient is incredibly grateful for PUCL and all the awesome people he has been able to talk to over the past few months. “It’s been a blast getting to know you guys and I hope to get to know some more of you in the future.”

Doesn’t the Sentient PokéBall have such a great imagination? Maybe one day Bill or Clemont will create a machine to grant Sentient’s wishes. As always, I’m off to find another trainer’s story. Let me know what you think below and, as always, reach out to me if you would like to share your journey with us.