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Trainers of Kanto: SublimeManic

Trainers of Kanto: SublimeManic

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Alola, folks! Welcome to another edition of Trainers of Kanto. I would like to take some time to invite all of you to our chat box meetup this Monday, 12/12. They are always a good time to hang out, play Pokémon, and get your PUCL fix. Sun and Moon has revitalized my love for Pokémon and I hope everyone else feels as charged up as I do—because I’m ready to battle (once I actually finish the game, that is.)


Sublime’s first exposure to Pokémon was the awesome commercial that they used to run on Cartoon Network advertising the anime. As a young child, he was sucked in by the promises of heroes, bad guys, and strange creatures called Pokémon. He then received Pokémon Blue for Christmas the year it released. He chose Squirtle as his starter and the rest is history.

Throughout his journey as a trainer, one memory has recently gained importance for SublimeManic. He remembers talking to his aunt about all the obstacles he had to overcome to complete Blue version and, later, Gold version. Sublime was very close to this aunt and she was patient with him as he talked on and on about this strange world of Pokémon. Eventually, she decided that her favorite Pokémon was Oddish. “In many ways, I was closer to her than to my own mother. When I came out, she was the first family member to accept and support me. She passed away earlier this year after her fourth battle with cancer. Oddish now has a special place in my heart, though, as a symbol of my memories as a child talking to her about Pokémon.”


It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Sublime’s favorite Pokémon is Snivy. Before Gen V, SublimeManic went back and forth between Vaporeon and Starmie. Though he liked Pokémon from each generation—these two had been with him the longest. His love for Snivy was unexpected—it was love at first sight. “Snivy is the complete amalgamation of idealized characteristics. Snivy is sassy, snide, sly, shady, clever, confident, fabulous, effortless, and it gives masterful side-eye.” These characteristics cement it as his favorite Pokémon and Sublime does not expect that to change anytime soon. For him, Snivy is the perfect Pokémon partner.

Sublime's own Snivy

Sublime’s own Snivy

Sublime feels that he has made many friends through his participation and contributions to the PUCL community. He attended PUCLcon 2016 and this solidified many of these friendships. He is especially close to Lord Jushiro (Shout out!) because of how much they have in common outside of Pokémon. Sublime is a frequent co-host on PUCL’s TCG Podcast and is PUCL’s VGC expert. You can read his “Double Trouble” articles on PUCL’s website. (The most recent one on Speed Control is excellent.) Sublime hopes that he can continue to contribute to the PUCL community and make great new friendships along the way. He especially wants to utilize love for Pokémon as “something that unites people and facilitates mutual respect and appreciation for diversity in our community.”

Thank you, Sublime. That was beautiful.

Alright, everyone. Make sure to thank Sublime for sharing his story with the PUCL community. Remember, its so easy to share your story with the community too! Simply click on this link, fill out the information, and I’ll make my way over to you using Charizard Fly to document your story for the glory of Arceus. See you next time!