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Alola! Capt. Gravy here, sipping an adult beverage from a coconut in the Alola region. I am enjoying my first few days here but have noticed some strange things. I walk around and even ride my Tauros about this island, but I never seem to get anywhere. Everyone I talk to keeps telling me to come back in X amount of days. I find this quite rude.

“Excuse me, I’m right here. I want to speak with you right now.”

The inhabitants reply with a blank stare. “No, come back in eight days. I’ve got a really awesome strong friend coming but I got here too early so I’m just going to stand here and ignore all my bodily needs.”

I resume my strolls about the city with only Greninja by my side. I can’t find my Machamp, Heracross, or Galvantula anywhere. I hope they turn up soon.


Sumtimes journey began with a Christmas miracle at the age of five. He had never even heard of the Pokémon games before but when he saw the adorable Pikachu following him around, he knew he was hooked. SumtimeIFly grew up in a small town and he has many memories of trading over a link cable with his pals on car trips or battling with his group of friends. He said his parents had to step in multiple times to make sure that Pokémon didn’t consume him entirely. This obsession has stayed with him throughout the years, except for a short gap which we’ll refer to as the “SumtimesIDon’tPlayPokémon” years. Now Sumtimes loves discussing news and theorizing with his roommate.

Two memories stick out in particular to SumtimesIFly. In Yellow, Sumtimes’ favorite legendary was Articuno. “I was so proud of it. So when I found out I could trade it up to Pokémon Silver, I did it right away.” A few months later, Sumtimes showed his friend Silver and created a New Game, not realizing that this meant losing his beloved Articuno. “I like to think that Articuno is flying peacefully above Mt. Silver to this day.”

Goodnight, sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

Mt. Silver is also the location of the legendary trainer Red, Sumtimes’ other favorite memory. Back when the internet wasn’t prominent enough to spoil everything, Sumtimes had just completed the Pokémon league and was searching for rare and powerful Pokémon on that mountain top. His own Pokémon were exhausted, but he saw a cool-looking trainer standing all by himself. The mysterious trainer’s eyes did not react to Sumtimes’ challenge, he simply tossed his first Pokémon out to show Sumtimes his terrible mistake. “When I saw his team I could not believe who I was facing. I may have lost that first battle, but it inspired me to improve and try again. The memory is so special because it painted a truly epic encounter without even needing words—merely atmosphere and Pokémon.”



SumtimesIFly’s favorite Pokémon is Gengar. The reason he likes Gengar is because of the anime episode in which Ash searches for a ghost type to defeat Sabrina. He meets Gengar, Haunter, and Gastly and hilarious antics ensue. He loves ghost types because he believes their designs allow for all sorts of mischief: walking through walls, taking over objects, and the like.


SumtimesIFly is currently participating in PUCL’s Generations tournament. He is thankful to this wonderful community for introducing him to VGC and TCG and that there are people willing to help newbies get involved. Sumtimes also contributes Pokémon of week posts on PUCL’s Reddit page. You can view his latest one on Lumineon here. He looks forward to playing Sun and Moon with everyone in the PUCL community.

Alright, I’m off to find my Poképals somewhere within the walls of this accursed city. A cop by the harbor keeps eyeing me, telling me that a big bust is going down in eighteen days. I wonder how he knows and I wonder how it will still go down with him standing there, waiting.

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