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Trainers of Kanto: The British Gent

Trainers of Kanto: The British Gent

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Ahoy there! We’re finally here in Alola. What more is there to say? Time to track down those Alolan Exeggcutors!

The British Gent

Gent’s journey started when he was fifteen years old. He asked for a Game Boy Color for Christmas in anticipation of Pokémon Red and Blue which he had read about in Nintendo Magazine. British Gent looks back with love on this spoiler-free era of his life. After being fascinated with these games that seemed to have taken over the world, he finally got Pokémon Blue version. Gent remembers that it took him around a month to finish the game because he wasn’t allowed to take his Game Boy with him. (These were different times, young ones. You had to argue with your mom about how you couldn’t save during a battle instead of just flipping your 3DS shut.) Gent’s first starter was Squirtle. He loved travelling all over Kanto with his little blue friend. “When he grew into that big belly Blastoise, nothing stood in our way!”


Get in my Belly.

He recalls another standoff with his mother after finally beating Lance and finding…Gary/Blue/Green! After beating his rival, Gent had to ward off the power-switch seeking hands of his mother until Prof. Oak shut up so he could save his game. After finishing Blue version, The British Gent went out and bought Red version and a guidebook. This time, he was able to find all the secrets within the game like Mewtwo and hidden items. He played through these games and Yellow multiple times until he moved on to travel through Johto.


The British Gent was alone on his adventure until he revisited the Johto region with HGSS. He raced some of his younger friends through the games and then battled their teams. These were casual rivalries and it wasn’t until finding PUCL that the British Gent really got into competitive battling. After competing in PUCL’s Generations tournament, he has a newfound interest in the competitive nature of Pokémon. Despite his loss, everyone’s kind words and encouragement keeps Gent looking forward to the next tournament in Sun and Moon. Until he discovered this buzz, Pokémon was the British Gent’s way of retreating from the world. “Others might relate to me with this, but Pokémon isn’t something that you can talk about easily with others. Some don’t play and find it childish and you’re afraid to ask if they do. Being 33, there’s not a lot of people my age that enjoy gaming and playing Pokémon.”

Gent’s favorite Pokémon has changed multiple times over the years. Mawile to Toxicroak to Scrafty depending on the generation. Most recently, he has fallen for Mega Mawile’s design. He loves how the scrappy, cute little guy from Generation 3 is now a tough, fairy machine with two mouths instead of one.



The British Gent’s biggest hope for the future is that his daughter, while too young right now, will come to love Pokémon as he does. Gent has saved the relics of his past journeys so that she can follow in his footsteps if she desires. He looks forward to being there to discover new Pokémon with her in unknown regions.

Well, hope everyone is doing well in the Island Trials. Maybe we’ll cross paths on our journeys. Remember to sign-up if you haven’t been featured in Trainers of Kanto. My quest to Unite PUCL is hardly complete without your unique story.