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Ahoy PUCLonians! Capt. Gravy here, bringing you the very first edition of Trainers of Kanto. These articles are the result of a mighty vision I saw aboard the deck of the S.S. Gravy. As the breaking waves of the sea slapped against the ships’ hull, I looked to the shore and saw the outline of the Lavender Town radio tower in the distance. I thought of all the mailbags I’d heard as well as all the time I’d spent in the chat box, and yet I still felt like I didn’t know the members of our wonderful community. I knew little of their journeys—their passions, triumphs, failures, and dreams. But then Arceus opened the skies and graciously allowed me to view a more united PUCL. A PUCL that knew and was known. Now, I frequent harbors around the world and document Pokémon trainers’ journeys, as is Arceus’ will.

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One last thing before we get started. Some readers may protest, “I am not from Kanto. That’s a country with a backwards Professor who thought there were only 150 Pokémon!” Well, I propose that, as members of PUCL, we are all honorary citizens of Kanto.

Uncle Oshawott

Uncle Oshawott’s journey began when he was eight years old. He saw a friend playing Diamond version and asked if he could borrow it. The friend instead gave him a small blue cartridge: Pokémon Sapphire. He began his adventures with Torchic and traveled the lengthy routes and watery depths of the Hoenn region. On this journey, Uncle Oshawott grew as a trainer and learned valuable lessons, such as the enemy’s HP is not the same thing as the enemy’s level. From this point, Uncle Oshawott’s journeys continued into Sinnoh and into Unova, where he would have a fateful encounter with his favorite Pokémon—Maractus.


Many PUCLonians have already experienced Uncle Oshawott’s love (obsession?) for Maractus. Some of his fondest memories of the Pokémon franchise come from the 5th Gen era. “I hold Black and White on mantle as my favorite games mainly due to my experiences with it. I was just around the target audience when it came out, and all my friends and I preordered it. I still remember the feeling of getting to school each day and sharing how far each of us got each day, what new Pokémon we saw, and laughing at how stupid Trubbish was.” As for why the Cactus Pokémon holds such an important place in his heart, Uncle Oshawott credits the excellent design. For him, Maractus is an excellent blend of cute, cool, and fun, and was Uncle Oshawott’s first shiny.

Oshawott found PUCL one day while he was trying to figure out what the podcast app was on his PokéGear. Before then, Oshawott did not have many friends to share his Pokémon journey with. Many of the trainers he knew had abandoned their quest to be the very best, though this has been revived some with the release of Pokémon Go. Ever since joining PUCL’s mighty ranks, Oshawott feels that he has learned a lot about competitive play and has made friends with such legends as: Hanakane, Dennis, R. Sigma, and Cookie. His future goals as a trainer are to become a proficient Gen 7 competitive battler in the Alola region alongside the members of this wonderful community. “You guys have helped me to grow more vocal about Pokémon and helped me to stop trying to hide the fact that I love it. All I can say is… thanks, PUCL!”

Now, I must be off again to document another trainer’s journey. I hope you enjoyed this brief look at Uncle Oshawott’s journey so far as a Pokémon trainer. If you are interested in having your story told, please reach out to me in the comments below or by messaging me on the site. Either way, until next time, this is Capt. Gravy, signing off.