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Ahoy PUCL crew! Capt. Gravy is back and ready to resume his divine quest, apparently in the third person. I’m getting more and more excited for Sun and Moon. I can’t wait to play the demo and talk about it in the chat with everyone. Alright, time for business.


Winmor describes his first experience with Pokémon as magical. Picture him at daycare: seven years old and peering over the shoulder of one of his elders as they tried to traverse their way past a great blue blob. Winmor puzzled for quite some time as to how they could get that sleeping blob out of the way. This would turn out to be a life-changing experience. After Winmor had received his own Gameboy and a copy of Pokémon Red, he became somewhat of a puzzle guru. He found the puzzles of Kanto challenging and fun. Soon, he was the one helping all of the older kids to get further along in the game. This was the beginning of a long love affair. Winmor could count on Pokémon to be there for him, no matter the outside circumstances of his life. He also credits the games for fostering his reading skills by teaching him difficult words such as “metronome” at a young age.

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

Blaziken is Winmor’s favorite Pokémon. He says that even though he is usually always drawn to the fire starter (Bulbasaur being the exception), Blaziken’s introduction into the franchise was the spark of this favoritism. “I didn’t watch the Pokémon anime much at this point, but I usually would watch when it was time for Ash to battle in each region’s league.” Blaziken was first shown in a battle against Ash’s Charizard. Winmor recalls not being able to look away from the television, fantasizing all the while about one day having a Blaziken on his team.


Winmor has made quite a few friends on his Pokémon journey, but he says that the bulk of these come from PUCL. “When I moved to a brand new city about one and a half years ago, it was pretty intimidating and lonely at first.  But then I stumbled across a podcast that I could listen to while I was adjusting to a new place and I was hooked.” Winmor commends PUCL on its welcoming nature. He says that it doesn’t matter how much you know or don’t know about Pokémon, anyone can jump into the community and feel like they belong. Winmor has also recently made great friends by playing Pokémon Go with other trainers in Houston. He says he loves the recognition of seeing another trainer’s face as they both race around the corner after a Machop to complete their Pokédex.

Winmor was a Gym Leader in PUCL’s most recent Summer League. He hopes to get more involved in VGC in the future and wants to introduce others to the thrill of competitive battling. Along with this, he hopes that the game creators will keep the competitive aspect of Pokémon in mind as they go forward, and that they would consider making new and old Pokémon more competitively viable.

Well folks, that’s another trainer’s story documented and there’s many more to go. Remember to sign up if you would like to share your story with the PUCL community. Don’t forget to comment below and let Winmor know what you think about his journey!