Whats The Deal? Issue #2: The TCG Rotation

It’s that time of the year again, and Pokémon has announced the next rotation.

Every year, they decide which expansion sets will be “Standard Tournament Legal.” This keeps the game fresh, as new expansion sets will build a new meta, so once a year it’s “Out with the old, and in with the new.”

Starting September 1, 2017, the following will be the only cards legal for Standard Tournament play.  Plus any new expansions that come out, of course.

If it ain’t in the list, it ain’t legal for play.

So what does this mean?    Well, we’re going to lose some popular cards, which are no longer in rotation.   While this is not a complete list, it is a list of several of the much-used cards in the current meta.   (Don’t worry, N is here to stay, at least for another year)

Lysandre  (Although Guzma will be a likely replacement)
Trainer’s Mail
Hex Maniac
VS Seeker
Team Magma’s Secret Base

With these cards gone from standard play, and new ones coming in starting with SM3 in two weeks, the meta shifts, and we will have to wait and see as we re-build our decks with the newer cards.   Of course, these cards can still be played in the Expanded format, so don’t throw them out yet!

I’d like to hear which cards you will miss the most, and anything else that has been rotated out.
Please post in the comments!

Next Issue:  Deck Building


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