Good morrow, fellow PUCLonians.
This month in What’s The Deal? we’re going to talk a little bit about Deck Building. If you’re new to the Trading Card Game, then I recommend that you read my previous article on getting started with Pokémon TCG.

As we all know, to play Pokémon TCG, you have to create a 60-card deck, out of all the available “legal to play” cards (We will cover rotation next week) so how do we create these decks?

One easy way to get started, is to find a deck that you like (from an opponent who you played online) and copy their deck, as a starting point.   You may not have all the cards, and you may want to make changes/substitutions.   Deck building is a continuous art, as you will likely refine your deck as you discover new cards, and ways to play them.

When Sun & Moon came out, I fell in love with Lurantis-GX.   I created my first S&M deck with Morelull/Shiinotic to help draw, and Fomantis/Lurantis-GX for the kill.  But now, the guardians are starting to rise….  and a new amazing card arose, Tapu Lele-GX.   I use TCGO as my main play format, so it is easy to save iterations of decks.

My new goal is to create a deck around Lurantis-GX, Tapu Lele-GX, and Tauros-GX.

My base set is going to be

(2) Fomantis (SM1)
(2) Lurantis-GX (SM1)
(2) Tapu Lele-GX (SM2)
(2) Tauros GX (SM1)

Originally I just converted my Lurantis deck, removing two cards, and adding Tapu Lele-GX.  Saved the deck as “B” copy.   Then, after playing for a while and seeing the meta, I made changes, played with deck C for a while, and now I’m on Deck “D”

I am writing this article while I am starting Deck “D”.   My current “Physical copy” is of the Deck C variant, but it is so easy to test by playing online.

Before I move any further into this deck, I want to address the issue of the “meta” …  What the heck is this meta everybody is talking about.   Well, this is my definition of the meta, and I hope it helps you understand the meta, too.

The meta is the shit stuff everyone else is playing.    I start playing my Deck A with four Professor’s Letter as my method of energy retrieval.   But as I play, I notice a lot of people are using methods of removing my special energy, and a lot of enhanced hammers… That’s the meta… The shtuff other people are playing. Know why they started playing that? Because a lot of people like me are playing cards that rely on double-colorless (meta) so they started playing more ways to counter that. You can’t retrieve special energy with Professor’s Letter, so I went from four Professor’s Letter down to two, and added two Energy Loto (new meta) which allows me to retrieve any energy in the top seven cards of my deck. And you can bet that someone will find a good counter (more new meta) but for now, this is how I’m playing Deck D.


(2) Professor’s Letter
(2) Energy Loto (SM2)
(2) Field Blower (SM2)

Field Blower is new to Guardians Rising.  It allows you to discard up to two Tool and/or Stadium cards in play, either yours or your opponents. This is powerful, and I noticed in the meta, (you know… The sh…  oh never mind.) where you want to get rid of multiple tools, or a stadium AND a tool in one turn. Great defensive card; I chose two.

Professor’s Letter has been around for a while, and it allows you to search your deck for up to 2 basic Energy cards.   This allows you to pull two grass energy from the deck, and place them into your hand.   However, you cannot use this to pull special energy (Double Colorless)

Energy Loto, another new card from Guardians Rising, allows you to look at the top 7 cards of your deck, and pull ANY energy, which means you can pull a grass energy OR a double colorless, if you’re lucky enough to find them in the top 7 cards of your deck.   More risk, but better payout if you need to access special energy.


I hope you get the idea.   This was a fun deck to play, but the whole meta is changing in one month, so it’s time to start building new decks, or modify current decks to fit the new Standard Format play.

The way I see things going, my buddy Lurantis may not be the star of the deck, but will definitely be part of some synergy with other Pokémon.   We’ll see what happens in the meta over the next couple of months.   Either way, a deck is a living, breathing entity, always ready to be changed to compete in changing formats and meta.

No get out there and start building!