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Whimsicott’s Whimsical Wanderings – Celadon City (part 2)

Whimsicott’s Whimsical Wanderings – Celadon City (part 2)

Hello, my dear PUCLonians! As you may remember, I was in the process of telling you about my stay in Celadon City, when I was rudely interrupted. (The kid did have more Poison types… a whole team of them! Kanto is a crazy, crazy place.) Let me finish up my story about sneaking under the Celadon Game Corner.

Rocket Hideout


It was pretty clear right away, from the amount of dust, that no human had used that entrance since it had been sealed. (It’s a good thing Celadon has a nice, large, comfy fountain, because I needed a bath pretty badly after this.) I think the place was abandoned quite hurriedly, because I had to make my way through quite a lot of discarded stuff… furniture, equipment, storage crates, and even some poor potted plants that had certainly done nothing wrong, and yet had been left to die! Team Rocket really was horribly evil!

I made my way to the second level, and boy, did I wish I hadn’t. There were no windows, of course, and so there wasn’t even the slightest breeze to lift me… and the floor was covered in crazy panels that send you spinning off in all possible directions, one after the other… I’ve never been greener, no matter what color the Pokédex says I am. Gah. Luckily not all of them were working, and they were calibrated for a human’s weight, so it didn’t take me too long to figure out a way to walk around without getting thrown all over the place. (There now is, though, a fair amount of cotton on top of the dust. Oh, well, it’s not like anyone’s going to complain… this time.)

I had been hoping to get some juicy information about Team Rocket from their old computers, but unfortunately someone was smart enough to erase most of the data from them before abandoning the Hideout, and there’s just no way I’m asking that poor Porygon I freed to go back to Celadon in order to help me recover it, so I guess it will stay erased. Pity… there are still quite a few mysteries surrounding Team Rocket, and especially Giovanni. Maybe I’ll find out more if I decide to visit Viridian City some day.

All in all, I didn’t find anything really interesting, so I was even more glad to call it a day and dedicate the next one to the best place in town… the Grass-type Gym!

Celadon City Gym


Leader: Erika, the Nature-Loving Princess
Type: Grass
Badge: Rainbow Badge

The Celadon City Gym is possibly one of the most beautiful you could ever have the pleasure of visiting. The entire Gym is essentially a greenhouse garden, where beautiful plants and flowers thrive under the care of dedicated Trainers specializing in Grass-type Pokémon, helped by the controlled temperature of the greenhouse and by a wonderful system of sprinklers, which regularly release gentle showers to water the plants. Only female Trainers are allowed to work in this Gym, which I find a bit silly… I mean, surely some male humans can take good care of flowers, too, right? Oh, well, I’m sure Miss Erika must have had her reasons.

Miss Erika herself is a very well-known and respected part of Celadon City’s community. Besides handling the Pokémon battling aspect of the Gym, she also uses it as a school to teach the art of flower-arranging. She is considered beautiful and elegant by everyone, and she, in turn, collects Pokémon she finds beautiful. They’re all Grass types, of course, although I have to say her admiration for Victreebel has me slightly perplexed. I assume her Victreebel has the greenest, glossiest leaves one can have, because… well. You’ve seen a Victreebel, I assume.

Anyway, this female-only thing seems to have worked out fine so far, because the air inside the Gym smells fresh and flowery and it’s fantastic. When I first entered the Gym I just stood there, smelling all around, for quite a few minutes… until a Trainer noticed me, and soon enough I was surrounded by a bunch of humans politely squeeing about how lovely I am. (Evidently the Trainers Miss Erika selects are required to have not just a green thumb, but also incredible intelligence and excellent taste.) Apparently Whimsicott are not seen very often in Kanto, and I was a welcome guest. They offered me tea, Berries, fertilizer and a pleasantly hydrating shower… having already had a bath, and having smelled the fertilizer, I only accepted the first two. The morning was exceedingly pleasant, and almost made me forget the main purpose of my visit… until Miss Erika appeared, around noon, and invited me to sit with her. Score!


Miss Erika was quite impressed by her own enhanced ability to understand Grass-type Pokémon… I think she might have been slightly disappointed when I pointed out I was using the Devon Corp. Pokemon/Human Miracle Translator™, although it was very hard to tell; Miss Erika is too polite to show negative emotions, apparently. Anyway, she was happy to let me interview her, and here’s a transcript of that for you.

The Fluffiest Whimsicott: Miss Erika, thank you for agreeing to this. And thank you for your hospitality: this Gym is amazing.

Erika: Thank you for saying so. And you are very welcome, dear Whimsicott. Unovan Grass types are hard to come by, and I cherish the chance to admire you.

TFW: Oh, admire all you want, of course; it’s so nice to be appreciated as one deserves. Do you know that many people hate Whimsicott?

E: I can’t imagine why.

TFW: It’s the Prankster thing, I believe. But I can totally behave, and humans refuse to raise Whimsicott with any other Ability, so really, they’re kind of hypocritical, wouldn’t you say?

E: Quite so.

TFW: But I’m sorry, we’re talking about me instead of about you. Tell me, what inspired you to found this Gym?

E: Most people consider Grass types to be beautiful, but weak, and that one should concentrate on strong Pokémon without caring for their appearance. And some people think that women are weak, and claim that a strong woman can’t be beautiful, and vice-versa. I wanted to demonstrate that beauty and strength can coexist in both women and Pokémon, harmoniously, without one detracting from the other.

TFW: Wow. That’s quite deep, and very admirable.

E: Thank you.

TFW: So that’s the real reason you only employ female Trainers here?

E: Yes. I’d like to show that a Pokémon Gym needs no men to be run efficiently. Plus, it is easier to find women interested in the art of ikebana than men.

TFW: I see. Would you tell me more about that?

E: Gladly. Ikebana consists of arranging flowers and other plant elements in a graceful, meaningful form. It is not just about making something beautiful; it is meant to bring a person to reflect on and appreciate nature and beauty in all their forms.

TFW: That’s very interesting. Would you have any arrangement here that I may see?

E: Of course. Follow me to the back of the Gym.

TFW: Oooh. You know, I usually think the more flowers, the more prettiness, but these only have a few, and yet they are really fascinating.

E: Thank you. Yaaawn.

TFW: Oh… am I boring you, Miss Erika?

E: Not at all. I apologize. I do get drowsy rather often. Especially in this area.

TFW: Well, it’s so nice and warm here… it does seem like the perfect place for a nap, although I can’t say I’m feeling as sleepy as you look.

E: It is a good place for a nap. Yawn. Although some challengers seem a bit upset when they get to the end of the Gym and find me dozing instead of waiting for them. I realize it may not seem polite, but I can’t help it… and incidentally, it does help teach them one of the tenets of this Gym: patience.

TFW: That’s important both in Pokémon battles and in flower-arranging, isn’t it?

E: Very much so. So many Trainers get all frustrated and lose their focus when I put all their Pokémon to sleep, and they end up losing not because of what I did, but because of their negative reaction. Yaaawn.

TFW: Oh! That’s it! That’s what this smell is! I think I know why you sleep all the time.

E: Do tell.

TFW: This is where you fight all your Gym battles, right? The area is saturated with remnants of Sleep Powder attacks!

E: Oh, it probably is, of course, but I don’t mind. And it does not affect my Pokémon, obviously, so I think I’ll leave it as it is. I find it most relaxing.

TFW: I bet. Good thing I’m a Grass type, too, I nap enough as it is.

E: How cute. You are refreshingly honest.

TFW: Ah, thanks, I guess.

E: May I ask a favor of you?

TFW: Of course!

E: Would you agree to be part of a composition of mine?

TFW: Ah… I’d like to, but I have to leave tomorrow.

E: Precisely. It will be all the more beautiful, because it will last only for a short time.

TFW: I guess.

E: Thank you. Please, hold still. Feel free to nap, if you’d like.

TFW: Really? Wouldn’t that be impolite?

E: Ikebana is meant to be done silently.

TFW: Oh, yeah. Then it’s best if I nap. I tend to talk a lot if I’m…

E: Ahem.

TFW: Yeah. Shutting up now.

[The recording stops after a few soft sounds, and picks up later.]

TFW: Yaaawn… Nice nap… Miss Erika, are you done? Miss Erika?

E: Zzzzzzz…

TFW: Oh, great. Hello? Miss Erika? I think I have branches in my fluff! Can I move?

E: Zzzzzzz…

TFW: Oh, Bug Buzz. Hello? Trainers? Anyone?

[The only sounds heard on the recording are the rustling of leaves and soft snoring.]

TFW: I am sooo clogging all their sprinklers with cotton… as soon as I can move.



Well, despite being slightly longer that I had planned, my stay in the Celadon Gym was quite pleasant (Miss Erika did apologize by giving me some delicious Mago Berries, which you don’t find every day. I kind of feel bad about their sprinklers now). And as a whole, my visit to Celadon City was extremely interesting! Thank you again to the kind traveler who suggested I head there. If any of you have any more suggestions on which places I might visit, please let me know. The winds are strong these days, so I can go anywhere! In the meanwhile, thank you for reading this report. I hope you enjoyed it and you’ll come back for the next one!

Until next time,

The Fluffiest Whimsicott


Whimsicott is contractually obligated to mention the Devon Corp. Pokemon/Human Miracle Translator™ by its full name at least once in every report it is used for. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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