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Whimsicott’s Whimsical Wanderings – Cerulean City

Whimsicott’s Whimsical Wanderings – Cerulean City

Hello, my dear PUCLonians! I know this weekend is quite special for many of you, so I hope you’re having an amazing time. As for me, a heat wave has put a damper on my enjoyment of the Kanto region. In case you were wondering, having a 2-to-1 fluff-to-body ratio is not a lot of fun when it’s hotter than a Magcargo out there. I mean, I’m a Grass type, and I love the sun, but not when it’s trying to slowly roast me to a fluffy crisp.

For that reason, choosing my destination for this report was a no-brainer: which city in Kanto has cool Northern winds, a river and the biggest swimming pool in the region? That’s right: Cerulean City, here I come!


Cerulean City

Region: Kanto
Population: 33
Notable residents: Gym Leader Misty, Bill (on Cerulean Cape)

Cerulean City is located in Northeast Kanto. It is connected to Saffron City, to the South, by Route5, to Lavender Town, to the Southeast, by Routes 9 and 10, and to Mount Moon, to the West, by Route 4. Routes 24 and 25, heading North out of the city, lead to Cerulean Cape, a lovely spot overlooking the sea, where Bill, the famous inventor, resides in his Sea Cottage. Route 25 also leads, if one turns West and not East, to the entrance of Cerulean Cave, rumored to be one of Mewtwo’s favorite places to hang out.

Cerulean City is also home to the first Miracle Cycle Bike Shop. As I am two feet tall and have very short legs, I decided I might as well not visit the store. You humans can keep your silly contraptions for yourselves.

Cerulean Cave


Cerulean Cave is a pretty dangerous place; I once visited just the area right behind the entrance, to interview a wild Raichu, and I can confirm that those Mewtwo rumors? Totally founded. That presence is not something I’d forget. The second floor is apparently pretty much a labyrinth, and the cave contains two underground lakes. All in all, not the best place for a cute little Whimsicott to visit, although on this trip I did spend some more time on the first floor, hanging out with a Parasect. The conversation was dreadfully dull (talking with a zombie is never too interesting), but the temperature inside the cave was much more acceptable than outside. I would have stayed longer, but a Golbat had started eying me as if I might have been… tasty. I considered trying to look like a Ditto who was trying to look like a Whimsicott, but I don’t think I’m that good of an actress. Oh, well.

Cerulean Cape and Sea Cottage


I have to admit, I ended up on Cerulean Cape mostly by following a weak draft of sea breeze, hoping for some cooler air. But was it ever worth it. The sight is beautiful, and the smells of the sea and the flowers blend surprisingly well. And yes, the breeze is rather refreshing.

I can definitely see why Cerulean Cape is considered to be a perfect spot for dates; it’s pretty isolated, with an amazing view… the pond is also quite pretty, although I couldn’t take a dip into it, as all the Goldeen looked pretty ready to Peck me at the least provocation. So, hoping that Bill owned an A/C unit, I snuck into the Sea Cottage.

Bill is a very interesting human: he’s extremely smart and an avid fan of rare and cute Pokémon (apparently, his favorite is Eevee… the man has good taste). This passion might have in part inspired his most famous invention, the Pokémon Storage System. While storing Pokémon into PCs is definitely an outstanding achievement, I am more fascinated by Bill’s other invention, the Time Capsule. I mean, sending Pokémon back in time? What could be more amazing than time travel? Unfortunately, Bill discontinued this technology pretty soon after inventing it, and has refused to let anyone use it again.

Of course, this has piqued my curiosity: what could have gone so wrong that he would retire such a great invention? Unfortunately, when I got there Bill was off visiting his family in Goldenrod City, so I could not interview him about it. But I did meet a very… peculiar character in the Sea Cottage.

Cleffy, Bill’s Clefairy, offered me a glass of cold Berry Tea (bless him!) and answered a few of my questions on Bill and the Time Capsule… at least in part. Cleffy, it seems, was in a rather unfortunate accident in which himself and Bill were… fused, somehow. While Bill simply came out of it with an increased appetite for Pokémon treats, Cleffy… didn’t fare quite as well. He was very twitchy, and some of his sentences ended in mumbling ramblings in which, I think, he thought he was Bill. From what I could gather, the Time Capsule worked well enough, until a Trainer sent back a Raticate that, it seems, ended up in the same Day Care that had given the Trainer a Rattata Egg a while before he used the Time Capsule, and… well. The strong suspicion of being your own parent isn’t healthy for anyone, let alone a previously happy, carefree rodent.

Having (maybe) solved the mystery behind the lost Time Capsule, I headed back out onto Cerulean Cape… and managed to prove another Cerulean City rumor: the Cape is often used for dates, by Misty herself. I flew over her and her date as quietly as possible, and decided I might as well wait for her in a comfortable place.

Cerulean City Gym


Leader: Misty, the Tomboyish Mermaid
Type: Water
Badge: Cascade Badge

Oh, the Gym. The beautiful, wonderful Gym. I soaked in the giant, blessedly cool swimming pool for over an hour, before a Swimmer noticed me and complained about my fluff clogging the pool filter. I think the people in the Gym just dislike seeing Grass Pokémon walk in and destroy their teams, though, so I ignored her and kept floating in deep water (and deeper relief) until Misty came back.

Misty is a very strong-willed and direct person. She brings that attitude to her battles, preferring to keep her Water-type Pokémon on the offensive, in spite of having some very bulky girls on her team. I swam up to her for an interview (thankfully my new recorder, with the incorporated Devon Corp. Pokemon/Human Miracle Translator™, is water-resistant) as soon as she dove into the pool, and this is the transcript of what happened.

The Fluffiest Whimsicott: Hello, Miss Misty?

Misty: Uh? Oh, you’re a Pokémon! I was just about to call someone in to clean you up, I thought some weird fuzzy algae had started growing in my pool.

TFW: Hey! I’m not making snide comments on your hair, am I?

M: What’s wrong with my hair?

TFW: Right now, nothing. But I’ve seen pictures of a younger you, is all I’m saying.

M: Fair enough. So, what are you doing here? Besides getting ridiculously waterlogged, that is.

TFW: I’m on a research trip to Kanto, and I came here to interview you.

M: Oh, I’m flattered.

TFW: Also, it’s like a million degrees out there, and you have a free pool.

M: Slightly less flattered now. But whatever, I like the interview idea. Go ahead with that.

TFW: All right. What would you say inspired you to become a Gym Leader?

M: Well, I love Water-type Pokémon, and I like a challenge. It didn’t take me long to best all the Trainers in this area, and so why not become a Gym Leader, so I could get challengers from all over Kanto?

TFW: Of course. I know you’re also a top-level swimmer; would you like to talk about that?

M: Sure. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve loved swimming, and it was my dream to swim among Water Pokémon in all the seas and lakes in the world. Of course, you have to be a very strong swimmer to do that, and so I started training hard. Right now, the best training spot I’ve found is around the Seafoam Islands.

TFW: Isn’t the current too strong there?

M: No, that’s the whole point. If I can swim there, I can swim pretty much anywhere.

TFW: That’s pretty impressive. So, are there any specific spots you hope to visit for your swimming tour, as it were?

M: Well, Hoenn would be my first stop. There’s just so much aquatic life there, I think I could stay there for weeks. But I really want to go to so many places…

TFW: Why haven’t you left yet?

M: Well, unlike some Gym Leaders, I take my position pretty seriously. I don’t want to wander off too far as long as I have this position. But I haven’t found anyone worthy of taking over yet.

TFW: Very responsible. Moving on, I know you’re a big fan of a certain former Elite Four member…

M: Lorelei! Yes! She’s so stylish and collected! Her Lapras is so beautiful! Oh, I wish I could be like her!

TFW: Frankly, I think you’re pretty cool with your own style. What is it that you humans say… if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?

M: But she’s so cool… I bet she can get any guy she wants.

TFW: You don’t seem to be doing too badly yourself. I mean, your date earlier today seemed to be going well, no?

M: What? Were you spying on me?

TFW: No! I just happened to be passing by… I was visiting Bill’s Clefairy, and…

M: What a nosy Pokémon!

TFW: Hey, I’m an interviewer, it’s kind of my job to be nosy! And I wasn’t spying, anyway!

M: Whatever, just calm down. You’re shedding, and the pool’s getting really messy.

TFW: Oh. Sorry. Maybe I should leave now.

M: Maybe.

TFW: Well… thanks for the interview. And the cold water. Bye!

M: Bye. Oh, man, the water’s all fluffy now! I’m probably going to need a new filter.



Well, my visit to the Cerulean City Gym was certainly refreshing. I think I might stick around in these parts until the heat wave is over… although I should probably get Professor Juniper to send me my shower cap. I think I left enough fluff in Misty’s pool to make a whole Cottonee.

As always, I hope you enjoyed this report, and feel free to suggest other places in Kanto you’d like me to visit.

Until next time,

The Fluffiest Whimsicott


Whimsicott is contractually obligated to mention the Devon Corp. Pokemon/Human Miracle Translator™ by its full name at least once in every report it is used for. We apologize for the inconvenience.

This article was lovingly translated from Pokémon speech by Mr. Natural Harmonia Gropius. If you wish to enlist his services as a Pokémon-Human translator, you may contact him at ghetsis.sucks@gmail.com. All income will go towards feeding and sheltering abandoned Pokémon and covering the cost of Mr. N’s therapy sessions.