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Whimsicott’s Whimsical Wanderings – Lavender Town

Whimsicott’s Whimsical Wanderings – Lavender Town

Hello, my dear PUCLonians! As I wait for the departure date on the well-deserved vacation I booked while I was in Vermilion City (which we should keep between you and me, by the way, as Professor Juniper didn’t exactly give me permission for that), I decided to start working on my relaxation by visiting one of the most tranquil places in Kanto. Of course, some might say it is more gloomy than tranquil… but I’m sure I won’t mind. Off to Lavender Town!


Lavender Town

Region: Kanto
Population: 30
Notable residents: Mr. Fuji

Lavender Town sits at the Eastern extremity of Kanto; it can be reached from the North through Route 10, coming from the Rock Tunnel, from the West through Route 8, coming from Saffron City, and from the South through Route 12, from the Silent Bridge.

From much of Lavender’s history, the town was known for only one thing: it was the site of the Pokémon Tower, which held the graves of Kanto’s departed Pokémon. Today, the Tower has been converted into a radio broadcasting station, and the Pokémon’s graves have been moved to the House of Memories. Most of the activity in the town, including the Lavender Volunteer Pokémon House, is overseen by a kind man named Mr. Fuji.

Pokémon Tower/Kanto Radio Tower


A few years ago, the Pokémon Tower was disturbed by the arrival of Team Rocket, and sightings of an unstoppable, vengeful ghost were reported by visitors. As it turned out, Team Rocket had killed a poor Marowak, and her spirit could not rest until she knew her baby Cubone was safe. Thankfully a young Trainer was able to run Team Rocket out of the Town and bring peace to the spirit… but this is still a horrible story!

With the conversion of the Tower into a radio station, and the graves moved to the House of Memories, it seems that no restless spirits reside in the Tower these days. For security reasons (apparently Team Rocket’s fault again), visitors only have access to the ground floor, but of course stuff like that never stops me. I flew into the open windows of the top floor, from where your favorite radio show is broadcast, and waved hello to Mr. Thatch and his colleagues as I passed right through the room and went: “WHEEEEEEE!”. (You may or may not hear them cursing after me in their next transmission.)

Looking for a safe place to hide from angry radio hosts, I decided to visit the Volunteer Pokémon House.

Lavender Volunteer Pokémon House


This place was indeed safe, and also really lovely. A couple of Raticates were playing in a pen in the corner of the room, and a Cubone was watching TV while munching on a Berry. There were no humans around, but the Cubone was a very polite host; he offered me a Berry and a seat at the table with him, and explained that Mr. Fuji was currently at the House of Memories.

Cubone told me that the House is actually Mr. Fuji’s own home, and that he was taken in by the human as a baby. I’m pretty sure I put two and two together correctly about him, but I decided maybe I shouldn’t bring up his dead mother, since the atmosphere was so pleasant. Cubone is really happy living in the House, and so are all the other Pokémon, in spite of the fact that most of them were abandoned by their Trainers. Mr. Fuji loves them all, cooks delicious meals for them, and is full of attentions… ah, if only all humans were like him!

I decided I had to meet this wonderful person, and headed to the House of Memories.

House of Memories


The House of Memories is, of course, a very somber place. It is quiet, and dimly lit by votive candles. The humans I found were laying down flowers and solemnly paying their respects; I did not know any Pokémon buried in Lavender Town, but I left my Pecha Berries there. I hope somehow they can enjoy them.

As I slowly made my way through the only public chamber in the place (the others are forbidden to everyone except Mr. Fuji), I spotted an elderly man coming in through the back door. I approached him, and here’s the transcript of our interview.

The Fluffiest Whimsicott: Excuse me? Are you Mr. Fuji?

Mr. Fuji: Oh? What’s this? A talking spirit?

TFW: Oh, no, no, I’m very much alive. Thankfully. Could we speak outside for a little while?

F: Oh, yes, yes. You’re starting to feel uneasy, aren’t you?

TFW: How can you tell?

F: Your fluff has goosebumps.

TFW: Oh. Yes. It’s… a bit strange in here.

F: Come, come. Let’s move this to a sunnier place, shall we.

TFW: Ahhh. The garden is so much better. But what was that?

F: You were sensing the spirits’ presence. No Pokémon likes spending a lot of time in the House of Memories.

TFW: Really? I’m not a Psychic type, or anything. I didn’t think I was sensitive to things like that.

F: And yet I saw you leave an offering in there.

TFW: Ah, well… it seemed like the thing to do.

F: Indeed. Would you like to go to my house? So I can make you some Berry tea, and you can tell me how you can speak my language.

TFW: Oh, sure! It’s this Devon Corp. Pokémon/Human Miracle Translator™. I use it for my interviews.

F: A little journalist, are you? From the radio tower?

TFW: Actually, a scientist from Professor Juniper’s Lab. Although I am starting to think there’s not much difference lately.

F: Here we are. Come in, darling!

TFW: Thanks. Hi, Cubone!

F: Oh, you know each other?

TFW: Well, I passed by earlier, because I’m here to interview you today!

F: Oh, really? What scientific interest does this old man hold?

TFW: Well, maybe not so much scientific one, as… you do a lot of wonderful things for Pokémon. I think you’re worth interviewing.

F: Haha! Thank you. You’re a really cute little Pokémon. Wait here for a second, I’ll fix you that tea.

TFW: Thank you! On both accounts!

Raticate: Well, he thinks we’re all really cute. Don’t get too flattered.

TFW: Hey!

F: Mh? What was that?

TFW: Ah… he thinks you’re cute, as well.

F: Hahaha! That’s not something I hear very often. Here, the tea’s ready.

TFW: Mmmh! It smells delicious!

Cubone: It is. Hand me a cup. Hey, can I borrow that translator thingy of yours?

TFW: Sure. Why?

C: I wanna have a talk with Fuji.

TFW: Of course.

C: In private.

TFW: Oh! I’ll just go… play with Raticate and Raticate. Yeah.

C: Yeah.

[Whimsicott has erased this part of the recording, solely in deference to Mr. Fuji and Cubone’s privacy, and absolutely not because she accidentally heard most of the conversation and you can hear her sobbing loudly into a Raticate’s fur in the background as Cubone calls Fuji his Dad.]

[The Raticate was not too happy to be covered in tears. And cotton.]

C: Hey, we’re done. Thanks.

TFW: You’re… sniff… very welcome, kid.

F: Oh, dear, weren’t you going to interview me? I’m sorry, we made you wait.

TFW: No, it’s fine. If I cry any more I’ll be too soggy to fly away.

Raticate: Don’t worry, I think you left all the wetness over here.

TFW: Shush! Stop ruining the moment! Anyway, Mr. Fuji, you’re totally awesome and all humans could use to learn something from you. Just… give me one statement to share with people.

F: Uhm. I guess I’d say, just… don’t forget to love your Pokémon. If you became a Trainer, it must be because some part of you loves Pokémon. Just never lose sight of it.

TFW: That’s so… sniff… beautiful! Thank you!

C: Watch it, Miss, I’m weak to Water.

TFW: Sorry! I just… the tea was wonderful. This place is wonderful. You’re all wonderful! Thank you, and goodbye!

F: Goodbye!

R & C: … Girls.



Erm. Let us never mention that whole crying thing again, all right? I do have a reputation as a serious scientist to uphold. (But they were so cute!) Anyway, all should be smiles and laughter from here on, as next time you’ll be joining on my vacation to a wonderful natural oasis, a sea-kissed paradise of endless beaches and sparkling waves- wait. Wait wait wait. Does this ticket say “Cinnabar Island”? As in, destroyed-by-a-volcanic-eruption-a-few-years-ago Cinnabar Island?

Oh, man. Maybe I should have read the date on that brochure before buying this.

Until next time,

The Fluffiest Whimsicott


Whimsicott is contractually obligated to mention the Devon Corp. Pokemon/Human Miracle Translator™ by its full name at least once in every report it is used for. We apologize for the inconvenience.

This article was lovingly translated from Pokémon speech by Mr. Natural Harmonia Gropius. If you wish to enlist his services as a Pokémon-Human translator, you may contact him at ghetsis.sucks@gmail.com. All income will go towards feeding and sheltering abandoned Pokémon and covering the cost of Mr. N’s therapy sessions.