Hey PUCLpals!!!

Here’s the in-depth look at Pokemon GO and how to make Team PUCL-Yellow the best team ever!!!

So there is a GIANT secret to leveling up fast that I guarantee many players will miss during their first few hours of playing. The worst part about that is, those first couple hours are the most crucial!!!


Here’s why:
When you catch a pokemon for the first time in your dex, your trainer gets 500 exp, for this example we will use weedle. After you catch your first weedle you are awarded 500 exp for the new addition to your dex. If you catch a second weedle, you only get 100. Each entry into the pokedex gives you 500 exp and only 100 for consequent pokemon with the same dex number. This means you get 500 for weedle, 500 for kakuna, and 500 for beedrill. The reason why the beginning is so crutial is because of an item called the “Lucky Eggs”. This item doubles the amount of experience you get from catching a pokemon, making the first pokedex entry worth 1000 exp!!! So far, your level directly correlates to the exp you need to level up x1000. So, if you are level 1, you only need to catch ONE pokemon to level up to level two, the 2 new pokemon to reach level 3, ect. Your trainer’s level directly correlates to the CP ((or “Combat Power”)) meaning you the pokemon you catch will have higher CP depending on how high your level is. After around lvl 7-10 you’ve caught every common pokemon. Keep this in mind, you don’t unlock access to great balls until lvl 12!! So is it starting to make sense why your levelling up quickly is the best thing you can do early?

Now, here’s the not so happy part. In order to get a good jump early ((which is a huge, huge, huge help)) you will have to spend money. I would not recommend going over 20 dollars though as all you need are Pokeballs and Lucky Eggs from the shop to get this huge jump ahead. I would recommend buying the 3rd option for lucky eggs ((25)), and then the largest amount of pokeballs you can after that ((I think it’s 300)). This will ensure the largest pay-out for the flood of unregistered pokemon you will get at the beginning of the game. I have played for probably a total of 2 hrs today and have reached lvl 8 using this method. Below is the math that should make it much clearer than this:

With Lucky Eggs:
Player Name: Basket747
Team: Yellow

Lvl: 8 (Total exp: 28,500), (caught 28 pokemon @1000 exp each, starter @500 exp)
Pokemon caught: 29/150


Without Lucky Eggs:
Player Name: Basket747
Team: Yellow

Lvl: 5 (Total exp: 16,500), (caught 29 pokemon)
Pokemon caught: 29/150


If I had not used the Lucky Eggs at all, I would be down to lvl 5 and have missed 16,000 exp points!!!

Now, you can play the game without this boost and you may want to, it’s just going to be a huge setback. BUT! By no means do you need to do this, and past lvl 10 it won’t be worth it anymore to buy Lucky Eggs, it’s just a leg up I wanted to share with the PUCLmmunity. Have fun, AND CATCH ‘EM ALL!!!

Disclaimer: This article was written by Basket and is being published by GatorMaximus13 because Puclpodcast.com is blocked on Basket’s work computer.