Anything Goes: Board Games and Pokemon

Hello PUCLonians and welcome to a special edition Anything Goes. I don’t usually post on Thursdays but I just did something that I am really excited about and couldn’t wait to share it! In the Hoenn region, Team Aqua has just released Kyogre into the world. Not understanding the gravity of their actions, the beast […]

Pokemon News Issue #101

Having not skipped leg day thanks to Pokemon GO and all its buggy, crashing glory, welcome back to Pokemon News with me, Viger. And my what a week it has been. Pokemon GO has swept across the entire world, and nearly everyone is suffering from Poke-fever. But let’s not forget the next biggest Pokemon game […]

Double Trouble: Hardcore Soft Resetting

Prepare for trouble, PUCL! And make it… you know how it goes. MOVING ON. So Hyper Training just got announced, which, assuming it can be done infinitely and on all Pokémon, will eliminate the final barrier of entry for playing in the VGC in a lot of ways, come Gen VII; wonderful. Power to the […]

P.U.C.L. #243 Pokemon Go Bugs

Thatch, Viger, and Mr. Maximus, discuss the many bugs that plague Pokemon Go. Mailbag: What do you think of Pokemon Go and its server issues? Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, follow us on Tumblr, subscribe to our Subreddit, and most importantly Review us on iTunes! Support PUCL by purchasing a shirt or by donating to our […]

Anything Goes: Pokemon Goes


Hello PUCLonians! Welcome to another edition of Anything Goes where we will talk about the hot new app that casuals and hardcores alike are playing: Pokemon Go! Now, before reading this article, I am going to point you to two other articles first. As always, go check out The Fluff, written by the Fluffiest Whimsicott, […]

Pokemon News Issue #100 <----------------


  Holy cow guys! Would you look at that? 100! That’s three numbers right there! Hard to believe that I’ve done the news 100 times now, give or take a few breaking news issues here and there. But anyway, welcome back to Pokemon News! And to celebrate the 100th issue, we’ve got new Pokemon for […]

P.U.C.L. TCGcast #010 Rotation Day and Paul Johnston!

Jushiro, Sublime and Scron are back to talk about the results of the Pokemon US Nationals and the 2017 rotation! Then none other than Paul Johnston (Mr. Lysandre!), the 3rd place finalist of the US Pokemon National Championships, joins us for an exclusive interview!! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, follow us […]

BREAKing Card: Hip and now!

Greetings PUCLlonians! Did you miss me?… I didn’t think so… but nonetheless welcome once more to the new, improved, and hopefully more interesting BREAKing Card, where we analyze, critique and breakdown our favorite TCG news! The “news” part is new, because talking about what is hip and now is what is hip and now… right? […]

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