P.U.C.L. #364 Pokemon Let’s Go Expectations

Thatch is joined by Scron and Sublimemanic to discuss what they expect from Pokemon Let’s Go next week in a heated debate about what it could mean for the Pokemon franchise as a whole. Mailbag: What are your expecitations/first impressions of Pokemon Let’s Go? Is Thatch a dummybear? puclpodcast@gmail.com Get some PUCL and Pokemon swag […]

P.U.C.L. Game Corner #025

Today, we have two play-in matches before the Tournament of Champions. The winner of each match goes to the Elite 8 and the proper tournament. Our competitors play Cliff Hiker as Baudtack goes up against Bird Keeper Cobra and afterwards DocMcStufful battles with Beaverla. Who will win and try to make a name for themselves […]

Zcron’s Random Tutorials for Pocket Monster Success #2

  Welcome to Issue #2 of Zcron’s Random Tutorials for Pocket Monster Success, where I will provide insight on how YOU can be successful in the wide world of Pokemon ranging from battling to role-playing. For the second issue, I’ll be discussing some popular Pokemon mods that you can add to 5 very popular games. Also, from here […]

Pokemon News Issue #146

  Welcome back to a smashtastic episode of Pokemon News. I say this because the final Smash Bros Direct aired the day of writing, and we have some important information Pokemonwise to get into. So lets…..get into it. (Man I need to work on this whole intro thing.)   Due to the “Grinch Leak”, a […]

P.U.C.L. #362 What makes a Pokemon Competitive?

Thatch is joined by Dr, Shamu and the Fluffiest Whimsicott to talk about what about certain pokemon makes them competitive, or is it the meta itself that makes them competitive? Mailbag: What pokemon do you think are undervalued? Do you think Thatch is a dummybear? puclpodcast@gmail.com Check out our new t-shirt store! Don’t forget to […]

P.U.C.L. #361 Does Masuda Hate Competitive Pokemon?

Thatch is joined by Bocefus and Jushiro to talk about the recent interviews with Junichi Masuda, and whether or not he truly hates the Competitive Pokemon community. Mailbag: Do you think that game freak will continue to “dumb down” Pokemon games? What are your feeling on the recent interviews? Is Thatch a dummybear? puclpodcast@gmail.com Check […]

P.U.C.L. Game Corner #024

On this episode of P.U.C.L. Game Corner, Bigby squares off against returning player (and host?) Seth Vilo. They are joined by Game Corner Season 1 Champion, Lynian, and regular on the TCGcast, Sublime Manic. They play Cliff Hiker, Dex Tac Toe, and Pokemon Password. Check out our new t-shirt store! Don’t forget to like us […]

Pokemon News Issue #145

  Welcome back to a small issue of Pokemon News. We’ve got some Let’s Go news and some Go news for you today, so let’s get right into it.   Probably the greatest update to Pokemon Go has dropped as of recently; Generation 4 has been added and Sinnoh native Pokemon have started spawning around […]

P.U.C.L. #360 Possible Gen 8 Pokemon Designs

Thatch is joined by Sublimemanic and Basket to discuss possible inspirations for new pokemon that could make an appearance in gen 8. Mailbag: What do you think should turn into a pokemon? Are there anything you think nintendo hasn’t utilized? puclpodcast@gmail.com Check out our new t-shirt store! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow us […]

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